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高效、可擴展且可靠的 5G 物聯網設備測試解決方案
IoT Device Testing Solution
高效、可擴展且可靠的 5G 物聯網設備測試解決方案

測試物聯網 (IoT) 裝置的無線性能和服務品質需要大量的專業知識,包括量測儀器、軟體、應用程式及編程。為了滿足客戶需求,Anritsu 安立知開發並推出一系列無線通訊裝置的測試與量測儀器及其解決方案。全球各地的企業透過 Anritsu 安立知豐富的產業專業知識來測試5G IoT 設備,成功協助將其產品推向市場。

5G - Intelligence of Things:Anritsu 行動通訊技術趨勢線上論壇
5G - Intelligence of Things:Anritsu 行動通訊技術趨勢線上論壇

本次線上論壇,Anritsu 安立知將從通訊領導的角度,帶給大家疫情後通訊加速發展的趨勢,從基礎建設到終端產品所需具備的能力,加上 Anritsu 安立知能夠提供完整性的解決方案,全面性的說明 2022 年市場趨勢,讓與會者在市場上一舉奪得先機!

Anritsu Test Talks 線上講堂 - 熱烈報名中
影片回放 & 講義下載
【Anritsu Test Talks】線上講堂

迎向後疫情時代,Anritsu 安立知規劃一系列的【Anritsu Test Talks】線上講堂,帶領大家由微觀的技術邁向綜觀的實際應用,由智慧的製造引領人們走入科技的生活。本次率先登場的主題是「毫米波 FMCW 雷達整合測試」以及「被動元件與 Wi-Fi 6E 功率量測實務」,為各種應用場景提供全方位高效能的量測解決方案。

6 GHz Band WLAN Products Development Solution
6 GHz Band WLAN Products Development Solution
IEEE 802.11ax 6 GHz 頻段 (Wi-Fi 6E) 的優勢與挑戰

Anritsu 安立知為 WLAN 設備的供應商提供包含研發及製造等眾多領域的解決方案。面對支援 6 GHz 頻段的巨大挑戰,如有任何關於 RF TRx 特性量測的需求,請與我們聯繫。

Solving PCIe Testing Challenges
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解決 PCIe 測試難題
PCIe 5.0 以 32 GT/s 的速度傳輸 NRZ 訊號,使最大允許損耗高達 36dB,將是一項重大挑戰;透過了「鏈路訓練」(Link Training) 的可適性等化方式,協調接收器端的 CTLE 及 DFE 與發射器端的 FFE 通訊,可確保眼圖開啟度維持 10mV 以上水準。本白皮書將透過完整的技術說明帶您了解關鍵的 SerDes 測試。



Anritsu provides accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use inline components to continually verify signal strength, power, and throughput, as well as external test instruments that can quickly isolate a bad connection or failed component.


Mobile Wireless Communications

Anritsu is a pioneer in the implementation of next-generation wireless technologies while continuing to support existing standards. We offer solutions for the full range of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, and 5G telecommunications as well as current and next-generation 3GPP, 3GPP2, and IEEE standards including 1xEV, GSM/GPRS, W-CDMA, HSDPA, 802.11, and 802.16. Our portfolio encompasses instrumentation ready to test both early next-generation specifications and legacy technologies. From the chipset to the installed product, our wireless test equipment covers the entire life cycle of wireless infrastructure and user equipment. For Products of Azimuth Systems Inc., please visit 通道仿真器/衰減模擬器 category.


Anritsu’s test and measurement equipment for the optical communications industry maximize network performance by conducting critical measurements such as OTDR, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, loss test set, and optical return loss.


Anritsu offers a variety of solutions including power analyzers and power meters with thermal sensors, diodes sensors, and pulse sensors. These solutions enable fast and accurate measurements of RF power on CW, modulated, and pulsed signals to 110 GHz.


Signal Generators

Anritsu solutions are ideal for the telecommunications, microwave, mobile satellite communications, or defense industries. High-performance specifications coupled with easy-to-use interfaces ensure best-in-class performance and fast, accurate measurements.


Anritsu offers a wide range of industry-leading signal/spectrum analyzers that provide coverage from 50 kHz to 170 GHz, with optional coverage to 325 GHz with an external mixing solution - delivering outstanding performance and accuracy at a low price.


Transport and Ethernet Testing

For networks using IP, Ethernet, MPLS, SONET, SDH, DWDM, ATM, ISDN, SS7, VoIP, PDH, or DSn technologies, as well as future systems up to 43.5 Gbps, Anritsu provides a range of measurement instruments for bit error rate (BER), frame, and protocol testing.


Vector Network Analyzers

Anritsu VNAs provide leading solutions for the RF and microwave frequencies, 50 kHz to 145 GHz, as well as banded solutions up to 1.1 THz. Leveraging patented NLTL technology, they are ideal for characterizing and making high-performance measurements.



Anritsu Test and Measurement solutions are designed for the various electronics and communications applications and markets. These include all of the markets of Telecommunications: Mobile Wireless and Wireline, RF and microwave.

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