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Spectrum Monitoring

Interference Hunting
Full spectrum utilization is a growing problem for operators, broadcasters, and public safety communications. Anritsu’s spectrum monitoring, signal geo-location, and interference hunting systems are critical components in helping our customers to create and maintain dense communications networks.
Model Number
Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2720xA
Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27201A provides remote spectrum monitoring to 43.5 GHz in a compact 19 inch 2U rack case. 110 MHz measurement bandwidth with IQ streaming delivers benchtop instrument performance for long term monitoring applications. A supplied PC remote GUI acts as the spectrum display and configuration interface.
MS27101A Interference Hunter
The MS27101A is a half-rack spectrum monitor designed for interference mitigation and geo-location for signals of interest. Its small form factor makes the MS27101A the ideal solution for indoor rack-mount systems where size is an important consideration.
Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27102A
針對戶外部署,MS27102A 頻譜監控器符合 IP67 標準。主要應用包括偵測非法和未授權傳輸、監測無線電和降低干擾。
MS27103A 12-24 Port Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27103A 遠端頻譜監控器提供 12 個射頻輸入連接埠 (可選配 24 個),以便進行多天線配置。在多個地區進行測量,或同一地區有多個營運商時,此產品是一種理想的解決方案。
MS27100A Spectrum Monitor OEM Board
MS27100A 專為 OEM 解決方案而設計,可監控頻譜及所需的地理定位訊號。MS27100A 外型小巧,可裝入需節省空間的機架安裝式系統或機身中。
MX280001A Vision Software
遠端頻譜監控器 Vision™ 軟體
Vision Monitor software application automates process of collecting measurement data. Vision Locate provides the capability to geo-locate signals of interest.
MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software
IQ Signal Master Vector Signal Analysis Software
Provides a comprehensive suite of measurements that deliver post processing and analysis of IQ data files captured on handheld spectrum analyzers
Mobile Interference Hunting System MX280007A
Mobile InterferenceHunter
Mobile solution for finding interference efficiently and accurately.
User friendly system allows one-person operation.
Frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 110 GHz possible.
手持式 Interference Hunter MA2700A
手持式 InterferenceHunter
電子羅盤精確度    ≤ 5°
前置放大器頻率範圍  10 MHz ~ 6 GHz
GPS 接收器定位誤差   ± 2 meter (typical)