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Wideband Peak Power Meter ML248xA/8xB/9xA Maintenance Manual

This manual provides general information, performance verification, calibration, theory, and service information for the Anritsu Power Meters (ML2487/8A, ML2487/8B and ML2495/6A).

保守マニュアル pdf 3.0 MB Version: K 2015/02/11

Power Meters ML243xA, ML248xA/B and ML249xA Firmware Upgrade Guide

This user guide provides instructions on how to install firmware updates on the ML2400 Series Power Meters using the Anritsu Bootloader Software Utility. Requirements Anritsu bootloader software utility Bootloader cable (Anritsu part number B41323 – a 9 pin female to 9 pin female RS-232 cable, with TX & RX swapped, CTS & RTS swapped, and DTR & DSR swapped) Anritsu ML2400 series power meter (ML2437A, ML2438A, ML2487A/B, ML2488A/B, ML2495A, or ML2496A) The associated new firmware files Intel-based PC with a Pentium or equivalent processor and the Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows XP, or the Windows 7 operating system (32- or 64-bit) Note Both the Anritsu Bootloader software utility and power meter firmware can be downloaded from These files will be under the Library tab on the associated product page under the Drivers, Software Downloads heading.

ユーザーガイド pdf 984.6 KB Version: A 2014/08/07

Wideband Peak Power Meter ML248xA/9xA Remote Programming Manual

This manual provides detailed information of the GPIB mnemonics for the ML2487A /ML2488A and ML2495A / ML2496A Peak Power Meters. Explanations in this manual apply equally to all units mentioned above unless otherwise stated.

プログラミングマニュアル pdf 817.1 KB Version: E 2014/02/03

Wideband Peak Power Meter ML248xA/9xA Operation Manual

This manual provides set-up and operational information for the ML2487A / ML2488A and ML2495A / ML2496A Peak Power Meters. Explanations in this manual apply equally to all units mentioned above unless otherwise stated. The structure of this manual is designed to reflect the sequence of steps that the user will go through after receiving the unit; from unpacking and initial inspection, through setup, and to testing.

取扱説明書 pdf 2.2 MB Version: E 2014/02/03

Power Meters & Power Sensors Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet for the ML2400A Power Meters and MA2400A/D Power Sensors. Ideal solutions for Average, Peak, and Crest Power Measurements.

データシート/設定ガイド pdf 788.9 KB Version: C 2008/11/26


Anritsu Power Meter Bootloader Software Application

The Anritsu power meter bootloader software application enables users to upload firmware to the Anritsu ML2430A, ML2480A/B, and ML2490A Series power meters. It is for use on an Intel-based PC with Pentium processor or equivalent and Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 7 operating systems (32- or 64-bit). Release History

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード zip 29.2 MB Version: 1 2014/08/01

ML2487A / ML2488A Firmware Version 1.25

Firmware for the ML2487A and the ML2788A Power Meters.  This firmware replaces the firmware version 1.24.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード 680.57 KB 2008/06/25

PowerSuite Remote User Interface for ML248xA

Software for the ML248xA Power Meter.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード 1.62 MB 2007/10/26

LabVIEW v7.0 Driver (v1.22) for the ML248xA

LabVIEW Driver Version 1.22 for the ML2487A and ML2488A Power Meters

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード 4.23 MB 2005/02/08

ML2487/88A Software Upgrade Procedure

Boot software upgrade procedure for ML2487A and ML2488A power meters.

ドライバ/ソフトウェアのダウンロード pdf 61.7 KB 2004/06/16