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Optical Distance-To-Fault Measurements


Optical DTF measurements
The ODTF-1 module can be used with Anritsu's handheld cable & antenna analyzers to make high resolution Optical DTF (Distance-To-Fault) measurements over fiber optic cables. The ODTF-1 module is primarily intended for field use by technicians and engineers responsible for the deployment and maintenance of remote radio heads (RRH). As the majority of the next generation 3G and 4G networks utilize remote radio heads and fiber links between the radio and main unit, contractors will develop a need for sweeping both RF and fiber.

Technicians trained in the RF world will appreciate the ODTF-1 module and its ease of use. RF technicians trained to read RF DTF displays can get up to speed quickly with the Optical DTF display as the two displays are identical and interpreted in the same manner. Contractors who already have Site Masters in their inventory can upgrade their systems to sweep fiber cable by using the ODTF-1 module. The use of fiber is also growing in short haul systems such as fiber to the premise and military platforms.

Users can easily upgrade their existing site master to make DTF measurements over fiber by connecting the test port extension cable to the RF input of the ODTF-1 module. The same physics that apply to the traditional DTF measurements apply to ODTF-1 meaning highly accurate measurements can be made with event resolution as good as 10cm. The same trade-offs carry over as well so better event resolution translates to shorter maximum distance, and vice-versa. Max distance is specified at 1020 meters (3345 ft).

Site Master S33xD/S31xD and Cell Master MT8212B are equipped with a special Optical DTF mode (F/W > 5.23). This mode is similar to the normal DTF mode but it is intended to optimize the ease of use for optical use. Customers can still use other Anritsu handheld products such as the VNA Master and BTS Master products by using the normal DTF mode and setting some of the parameters such as vp and frequency manually.

The ODTF-1 module can be charged with the same 40-168-R power supply that is used to charge the Site Master/Cell Master so there is no need to maintain different power supplies.

  • 1550 nm
  • 30 dB optical dynamic range
  • 10 cm event resolution
  • Easy to use - minimize the amount of training required to get users up to speed
  • Easy to upgrade existing Site Master systems and turn them into high accuracy fiber analyzers
  • Remote Radio Head Installation / Maintenance
  • Military shipboard
  • Distributed antenna systems