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MX880121A-02 CDMA2000 1X Wireless Internet Protocol


This option is a very useful tool for wireless device software engineers, programmers, and wireless application web-site developers developing and testing CDMA2000 1X wireless Internet applications.  It provides an IP network connection to CDMA2000 1X wireless Internet devices. The wireless IP (WIP) option provides a predictable and controllable test environment in the native RF environment by acting as a "pipe" directly between wireless Internet devices and the Internet (or any other local application server). That RF environment is simulated by the base station emulator in the hardware of the Radio Communication Analyzer for all CDMA2000 band classes. Wireless application development productivity is enhanced as multiple economical testers provide an "always connected" environment for an unlimited number of application engineers right on their benches. SO33 Packet Data service option, RLP/PPP/IP, and Ethernet Connection are supported. Hardware Option 01, Option 20 or 21, and MX880121A measurement software are required.

  • Connects CDMA2000 1X Wireless Internet devices to the network over an RF connection
  • Permits repeatable tests in the native RF environment for all band classes
  • Application developers can see exactly what the customer will see on the wireless device
  • Reduces time to market for CDMA2000 1X wireless applications
  • The most economical solution available for controllable RF connectivity of wireless Internet devices