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この製品は製造中止となっております。 代替品の形名: MS2720T


The MS2723B handheld spectrum analyzer is designed to conduct highly accurate analysis on the new wave of wireless LAN and cellular signals, including 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband, and wireless medical patient monitoring systems, dynamic range of 101 dB is the best in its class.   The next generation of Anritsu's best selling Spectrum Master, the MS2723B is a small and easy to use portable spectrum analyzer with unprecedented measurement capability for applications up to 13 GHz. Weighing in at less than 8 pounds, it is equally at home on the engineering bench and in the field. It is ideally suited for measuring up to the fifth harmonic of 3G cellular phone base stations.

Quasi-peak detection is included along with CISPR resolution bandwidths.
Multilingual User Interface (English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian)

Several smart measurements are built into the MS2723B,  including channel power, adjacent channel power ratio, Carrier to Interference ratio (C/I), and field strength. In addition, an AM/FM/SSB demodulator is included. Demodulated signals can be monitored using the internal speaker or by using a universal 2.5 mm 3-wire headset, such as used with many cellular telephones.

The MS2723B spectrum analyzer has low phase noise of -104 dBc/Hz typical at 1 GHz @ 10 kHz offset, best in its class typical DANL of -159 dBm at 1 GHz,  in a 1 Hz RBW resolution bandwidth (RBW) range of 1 Hz to 3 MHz and video bandwidth (VBW) range of 1 Hz to 3 MHz. It also has the fastest sweep speeds of any spectrum analyzer in its class.

For supporting documentation, see Library.

便利な操作手順、高感度、優れた再現性、卓越した性能を持つ MS2723B は、システムコンプライアンスの簡単な検証のためのワイヤレスシステムの測定を簡素化することができます。 通常の用途には以下が含まれています。

  • 3G 携帯電話の基地局信号の第 5 高調波の測定。
  • トランスミッタスペクトラム解析 - 占有帯域幅、チャネルパワー、隣接チャネルパワー比と変調。
  • 受信信号解析 - 帯域内干渉、帯域外スプリアス信号、スペクトルマスクのロケーションと同定。
  • 信号強度マッピング - アンテナ、基地局、リピータに最も適した場所を決定。
  • 3G 信号のフィールド分析 - MS2724B の高速掃引速度、フィールドスワップ可能なバッテリ、スマート測定、日光下で表示可能なディスプレイは過酷な環境下における測定に理想的。
  • ブロードキャスト AM&FM アナログの測定と IBOC 方式の校正測定。