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43.5G (1x4) Demultiplexer

この製品は製造中止となっております。 代替品の形名: MP1804A

1x4 Demultiplexer for Dividing a Serial Signal of up to 43.5 Gb/s

The MP1802A is the industry recognized 1x4 demultiplexer and widely used for the development of high-speed component, modules and systems. The MP1802A can demultiplex a single serial maximum data input signal of 43.5 Gb/s and provide 4 parallel data outputs of up to 10.875 Gb/s each. Anritsu's both MP1764 series single channel or MP1776A 4-channel Error Detectors are best compliment to the MP1802A for analyzing the demultiplexed signals.

The MP1802A is part of the Anritsu's both 43.5G BER Test Systems (ME7750A and ME7760A). It offers independent clock delay adjustment functions for the 43.5G clock input and the 4 divided clock outputs. Threshold voltage adjustment for the 43.5 Gb/s data input is also available in the unit. It’s sophisticated design makes it ideal for the evaluation and verification of high speed digital systems, components, modules, MUX/DEMUX devices beyond 40 Gb/s covering FEC and Non-FEC rates up to 43.5 Gb/s.

The compact size of the MP1802A saves on test lab space. Front panel keys allow easy operation of the unit. In current R&D and manufacturing of 40 Gb/s transmission systems, this MP1802A DEMUX unit is being used in conjunction with Anritsu 40G E/O and O/E converters for testing optical modules and systems.

  • Serial data input and clock input for signals up to 43.5 Gb/s
  • 4-channel parallel output for data signals of maximum 10.875 Gb/s each
  • Independent Clock Delay adjustment functions for both 1/1 clock input and ¼ clock outputs
  • Threshold Voltage adjustment functions for the 43.5 Gb/s data input
  • Compliments both MP1764 series single channel or MP1776A 4-channel Error Detectors
  • Wide range of frequency support for MUX/DEMUX and BER testing when integrated in Anritsu's ME7750A or ME7760A 43.5G BER Test Systems
  • Future upgrade path to support 48 Gb/s, Q-factor and Bathtub Curve measurement
  • Digital display function of Voltage Threshold and Phase Delay counter (optional)
  • Optical systems, modules and device testing at 40 Gb/s with Anritsu 40G E/O and O/E converters
  • Small, compact size with front panel operation and optional GPIB remote control capability