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Used Test Equipment

Anritsu exDemo equipment Sale – all now available with large discounts
  • All products include at least a one-year warranty and a calibration certificate.
  • ExDemo stock is limited and sold on first come first served basis
  • Contact your local sales representative or contact us here: Request a Quote
  • For some products a selection of configurations is available, please contact for more details.

The Sales Campaign is now finished, please contact your local field office for details of our demo units which are currently available for sale.

  Model Description Price from (Euros)


MD8470A Signalling Tester 
Signalling Tester (Base Station Simulator) MD8475A MD8475A Signalling Tester
md8475b-small MD8475B Signalling Tester
MD8480C W-CDMA Signalling Tester
MF6900A Fading Simulator
Radio Communication Analyzer MT8820C MT8820C Radio Communiction Analyzer

RF and Microwave

MA2400xA.jpg MA24004A 40Ghz Thermal Sensor
MA24218A 18Ghz USB Power Sensor
MA2700A Interference Hunter Handheld Direction Finding System
MG3697C.png MG3692C 2 To 20 Ghz Synthesizer
MG3694C 2-40Ghz Synthesizer
ML2495A Power Meter
MS2035B.jpg MS2035B VNA Master
VectorNetworkAnalyzerMS2036C.jpg MS2036C VNA Master HH 6Gg VNA/SPA
VectorNetworkAnalyzerMS2038C.jpg MS2038C VNA Master
MS27102A Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27103A Remote Spectrum Monitor 12 Port RF Input
MS2711E.jpg MS2711E Spectrum Master 9Khz To 3Ghz Spectrum Analyzer
ms2720t.jpg MS2720T High Performance Spectrum Analyzer
MS46121A.jpg MS46121A 1-Port USB VNA
MS46122A-Front.jpg MS46122A 1U, 2-Port Modular VNA
MS46322A-Monitor.jpg MS46322A 2U, 2-Port Modular VNA
VectorStar Family of RF, µW,  mmW VNAs MS4640B Series MS4644B 10Mhz-40Ghz VNA 2 Port Vector Star
VectorStar Family of RF, µW, mmW VNAs MS4640B Series
VNA 10Mhz-70Ghz 2 Port
Shockline™ 2-Port Performance RF VNA MS46522B MS46522B 3U 2-Port Shockline VNA
Base Station Analyzers MS8213E MT8213E Cellmaster VNA, SPA 8 Ghz
BTS Master MT8820T MT8220T BTS Master Max 7.1 Ghz
mt8870a-small-02 MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set
MW82119B PIM Master
Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2830A

MS2830A Signal Analyzer 43Ghz
S331L Sitemaster, VNA L-Series
S412E LMR Master 25-1600 Mhz VNA, SPA,LMR
S820E 2 Port Microwave Sitemaster
MW8209A 900 Mhz Pim Tester


G0293A Video Inspection Probe Lite

G0306A Video Inspection Probe Lite
MP1590B Network Performance Tester
mp2100b-small MP2100B Bertwave
Network Master Pro MT1000A MT1000A Network Master Pro
Network Master Flex MT1100A MT1100A Network Master Flex
OTDR - ACCESS Master MT9083B2 MT9083 Access Master

Network Master


 *Limited Quantities Available. Subject to Prior Sale.

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