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Terms Of Use

This web site is maintained by ANRITSU CORPORATION (Anritsu), its subsidiaries and allied companies. Before using it, please take a moment to read the following statement. When accessing this site and browsing the web pages, you are considered to have agreed to the following conditions.

Since we respect your right to privacy regarding information exchanged on our web site, we do not collect personal data about you except when it relates to matters that you have chosen to supply us with.

We may, however, have occasion to obtain personal information from your registration or application form, or from your e-mail inquiries or requests. Although personal information thus obtained may be used for marketing, sales promotion, customer services and the like, it will never be intentionally disclosed to a third party for other purposes except when legally bound to do so by court order.

Personal information may be provided pertaining to sections or persons in charge at Anritsu or other Anritsu entities, including our legal specialists, for the purpose of examining or recognizing the contents of your inquiries, etc. This policy also applies to personal information you elect to provide when you communicate with our customer support section.

The IP address, domain name, etc. you use to browse this web site may be downloaded by our web server for site access analysis. This information will be destroyed after analysis as necessary.

Your personal information is handled based on The Anritsu Group Privacy Policy, and efforts are constantly being made so that all Anritsu group personnel adhere to it.

Links to Other Web Sites

Parts of our web site are linked to third-party web sites for your convenience. Please note that Anritsu does not control such web sites, and is not liable for reparations concerning the privacy practices pertaining to them.

Also, please be aware that we do not recommend the contents of such web sites, and do not make any announcements on them.

* We definitely do not provide links to/from any of the following web sites.

  • To web sites which contain contents that are abusive, harmful or detrimental to Anritsu and its entities, as well as to the products and services of Anritsu and its entities.
  • From web sites which carry illegal content (including those which may be illegal), which participate in illegal activities, or which may have participated in illegal activities.

Forbidden Clauses

Information on this web site is protected by various laws and agreements including the Copyright Act.

When using this web site, the following, as well as any similar deeds, are forbidden.

  • Without written approval from Anritsu, you are forbidden to use information on this web site privately, or to use it outside the range expressly recognized by law, including duplication, deletion, reformation, uploading, transmission, distribution, licensing, sales and publication.
  • Deeds which result or may result in disadvantage or damage to Anritsu or a third party.
  • Deeds which infringe or may infringe on the privacy of Anritsu or a third party.
  • Deeds which harm the honor of or confidence in Anritsu or a third party.
  • Deeds which infringe or may infringe on the property rights of Anritsu or a third party.
  • False reporting or notification, such as using the e-mail address of a third party.
  • Criminal acts and deeds linked or possibly linked to criminal acts.
  • Deeds which use or supply, or which may use or supply, harmful programs including computer viruses.
  • Deeds which infringe or may infringe on laws, regulations or rules.
  • Deeds which violate or may violate public order and morals.
  • Other deeds which Anritsu judges to be inappropriate.


All contents appearing on this web site including Anritsu's trademark and product names are, except in specially mentioned cases, protected by the Copyright Act.

Interpretations of the conditions for using this web site conform, unless otherwise specified, to the laws of Japan.

Anritsu reserves the right to change this Online Privacy Statement at any time. The Online Privacy Statement may differ from district to district depending on the laws and regulations in force in the country or district.

Exemption Clause

Although close attention is paid to the information appearing on this web site, we cannot guarantee the correctness, usefulness or reliability of such contents, or that this web site and our server are free from harmful matters including computer viruses.

Anritsu reserves the right to change the information on this web site without notice. Anritsu also reserves the right to interrupt or suspend operation of this web site and is not liable for reparations for any losses due to informational changes or interruption or suspension of operation irrespective of the reason.

Anritsu is not liable for reparations for any losses incurred by using or inability to use the information on this web site, or use of this web site.

Although security measures are provided, if personal information must be disclosed for some unforeseen reason, we will restrict information disclosure and take every means possible to settle the situation speedily. However, Anritsu is not liable for reparations for unintentional information disclosure.

Anritsu is not liable for monitoring or answering any concepts, ideas, suggestions or comments set to us by e-mail or other means.
When sending such information to Anritsu, you automatically waive all rights to the contents at that point in time.
Anritsu is not responsible for keeping such contents secret, and is not liable for any problems which may result from them.

Your “Anritsu ID” account within our website may be partially or completely suspended or terminated depending on the circumstances of our business.

If you do not access your “Anritsu ID” account on our website for more than 3 years, we may delete your account and personal information for maintenance purposes.