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PC Tools for Anritsu Handheld RF Instruments

For DAT file and HHST Users

Line Sweep Tools enables users to quickly:

  • Collect traces from the instruments
  • Verify that the traces are correct using markers and limit lines
  • Report results in industry accepted PDF and DAT file format

For Cable and Antenna Analyzer Users

easyTest Tools allows users to quickly:

  • Create – work instructions on your PC
  • Distribute – work instructions by e-mail or other electronic means
  • Display– work instructions on the instrument

For Interference Hunters

easyMap Tools allows users to quickly:

  • Find geo-referenced maps of any area of the world
  • Convert maps and floor plans to a form suitable for use on Anritsu Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Master, PIM Master, Site Master Browser Based Remote Control

  • Monitor instruments remotely
  • Control instruments remotely
  • Compatible with PC, Android, and iPhone based devices

For Spectrum Analyzer Users

MST allows users to analyze traces after capture. MST is useful for those involved in:

  • RF interference analysis
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Documenting transmitter tests
  • Documenting backhaul tests

Updates for Older Models

Firmware updates for certain older instruments are available through Anritsu's Handheld Code Loader. The Firmware Updates list, above, has details on which instruments require HHCL.

Browser Based Remote Control With:

  • Flexibility: Link to the Anritsu handheld instrument from any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Quick setup: Create short range links up to 300 feet using a Pocket Wi-Fi router
  • Long Range: Create world-wide long range links using a wired backhaul
  • Responsiveness: Get up to 5 traces per second update rate in fast mode

Legacy Software Replacement

Handheld Software Tools is legacy software that manipulates line sweep traces from Anritsu’s A, B, C, and D series Site Masters. Due to the evolution of PC platforms, HHST is no longer current and has been replaced by Line Sweep Tools. HHST is still available as a download.

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