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Passive DAS Certification for Coax Systems

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The Passive DAS 3-day, instructor-led certification course teaches the theory and practical considerations and procedures of assembling, installing and testing Distributed Antenna Systems. This is a rigorous course. Certification will mean the participant who passes knows how to use the instruments to make measurements, can interpret and analyze information to find problems and correct them, and has a sound strategy for consistent documentation and efficient, effective workflow. The purpose and true value of this course is that it will teach students to do the job correctly the first time avoiding costly rework. Anritsu certification means confidence. 

Price: $2,195 per student

In this course you will

  • Learn your way around a Site Master S331L and a PIM Master MW82119B
  • Learn what a DAS is and how it works
  • Learn DAS components, their functions and performance ranges
  • Use the Anritsu Site Master and PIM Master A LOT!
  • Review line sweep and PIM theory
  • Learn correct cleaning procedures so important for PIM testing and lasting network performance
  • Test and troubleshoot components and DAS assemblies and sub-assemblies for
    − Return loss
    − Insertion loss (cable measurements and DAS measurements)
    − PIM
  • Measure cable length
  • Learn antenna placement testing to avoid PIM sources in the environment
  • Build, test and troubleshoot simulated DAS branches
  • Collaborate in teams to build, test and troubleshoot a simulated DAS floor
  • Use and apply site maps and system diagrams
  • Understand DAS documentation
  • Learn to do the job correctly the first time saving time and money!
  • Pass a final practical exam demonstrating your mastery of DAS concepts, procedures and best practices 


Familiarity with Line Sweeping and PIM testing principles and equipment are required to pass this course.

Line Sweep Certification and PIM Certification are strongly recommended prior to attending this class.

Though not required, the free eLearning courses listed below are highly recommended for anyone preparing to attend DAS Certification training.

Site Master Line Sweep Web-Based eLearning Course

Line Sweep Interpretation Web-Based eLearning Course

Portable PIM Master Web-Based eLearning Course


Who Should Attend:
  • Indoor/Outdoor DAS Installers
  • DAS Project Managers
  • DAS System Test Technicians
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Base Station OEMs
  • Field Engineers
  • Site Managers
Tips for Success:

DAS Certification Class is more than 60% hands-on so it is very important to follow these helpful tips.

  1. Participate in ALL the class activities and labs.
  2. Repeat the labs until you are confident and comfortable with each procedure.
  3. Ask questions, either in class, or at the breaks. The instructor is here to answer questions, but only you know what your questions are.
  4. Use the exercises in your manual to reinforce theory and concepts from the discussions.
  5. Communicate with your fellow participants and lab partners.
  6. Do every lab and exercise yourself, at least once, as the hands-on technician.
  7. Please contribute your knowledge and experience. Your insights may help someone else.
Course Schedule:

Day 1

Instrument Tutorial
• Site Master
• PIM Master

What is DAS?
• Definitions
• Challenges
• Components
• Review questions

Testing DAS
• Issues in DAS
• Antenna positioning
• Troubleshooting challenges
• Test-as-You-Go
• Line Sweep Concepts
• Line Sweep Labs: Components
− Interpreting Site Diagram
− Demonstration & Practice
− Return Loss
− Insertion Loss — Cables
− Cable Length
− Troubleshoot with DTF
− Interpret and Record Results
• Review questions
• PIM Concepts
• PIM Labs: Components
− Demonstration & Practice
− Power levels and PIM
− PIM vs Time
− Troubleshoot with DTP
− Interpret and Record Results
• Review questions

Day 2

Review/Q & A
• Review Day 1 learning
• Discuss questions and cases
• Repeat procedures from Day 1
(participant option)

Branches & Floors
• Build a DAS branch & test
− Interpret and Record Results
• Build a DAS fl oor & test
− Interpret and Record Results
• DAS system troubleshooting approaches
• “Bug” a DAS fl oor & troubleshoot one
“bugged” for you
− Interpret and Record Results
• Insertion Loss — DAS
− Power Meter & Sensor
• Position-test antennas
− Locate PIM-free Zones
• Build a DAS
− Interpret and Record Results
• Review questions

Day 3

Review & Practice
• Q & A
• Review questions
• Open Lab Practice: practice any procedures, participant choice
• Exam Prep (out of room)
• Practical Certification Exam
• Build a DAS floor & test
− Interpret and Record Results
• DAS system troubleshooting approaches
• “Bug” a DAS floor & troubleshoot one bugged” for you
− Interpret and Record Results
• Insertion Loss — DAS
− Power Meter & Sensor
• Position-test antennas
− Locate PIM-free Zones
• Build a DAS
− Interpret and Record Results
• Review questions
Additional Information:


  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum registration of 5 students is not met two weeks prior to the class dates.
  • Credit card orders are authorized but not charged until the class is confirmed.
  • Online orders can only be processed if the billing address is in the United States


  • Once a class is confirmed, any student wishing to cancel must provide written notice to us-training(ATMARK) at least 14 days prior to the class date or be subject to a cancelation fee up to 100% of the registration price.
5/9/2023 - 5/11/2023


SAN DIEGO, CA: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD

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