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PIM Master™ Certification

PIM worker

PIM Master Certification is only available through Anritsu instructor-led training. PIM Master Passive Intermodulation Measurement Training is an intense one-day instructor led training course that uses the MW82119A series battery-operated, high power, portable, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer to identify the source and exact location of PIM problems.

Students will gain valuable hands on experience using the PIM Master MW82119A and demonstrate the knowledge they've acquired in both a written and practical exam. Everyone who passes this PIM Certification Course will receive a Certificate of Completion along with a photo ID badge.

Price: $1,395 per student for Anritsu public classes shown below. 

A private class at your location for up to 8 students in the lower 48 contiguous U.S. is $11,160.

Fill out our Training and Education Inquiry Form with details about your requirements, and we'll be in touch with you personally to discuss options.


It is highly recommended that students prepare for this class by taking Anritsu's free Portable PIM Master eLearning Course

PLEASE NOTE:  This class is NOT for those who are new to line sweeping or PIM testing.  Students with no background in these areas are at a severe disadvantage and unlikely to pass the rigorous tests that certification requires.  If you are new to this industry, we strongly recommend completing our 2-day, instructor-led line sweep certification course.  At a minimum, please complete our free online line sweep (non-certification) course before attending this training.  Completion of recommended training does not guarantee PIM certification.


Who Should Attend
  • Installers
  • Tower Companies
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Field Engineers
  • Site Managers
  • Base Station OEMS
What You Will Learn
  • Technical aspects of PIM Measurements
  • How to set up a PIM Measurement
  • Useful examples of what works and what doesn’t
  • Interpreting results
  • Locating the PIM
Course Details


  • What is PIM and How to Measure it?
  • How to Set Frequency and PIM Order
  • How to Set Amplitude and Power
  • How to Verify Proper Operation
  • How to Conduct PIM and DTP Tests
  • How to Determine Pass/Fail
  • What Causes PIM?
  • Safety
  • PIM Master Controls
  • Measurement Setup
  • Calibration
  • Saving and Recalling Setups
  • Making PIM Measurements
  • Save/Recall/Copy Measurement Files
  • Things Not to do
  • The Right Way to Test
  • PIM vs. Time Measurement
  • Distance to PIM (DTP)
  • Swept PIM Measurements
  • Testing Sequence
  • Useful Info


  • Setup and operation
  • PIM Measurements (PIM, DTP, Swept)
  • Measuring known good devices
  • Measuring known bad devices
  • Device measurement practice


  • Theory and safety
  • Hands-On Practical
Why Anritsu Training?
  • Hands-on: Learn by doing!  Learn the theory and perform the measurements.  A significant portion of the course contains lab exercises with simulated signals and conditions measured with the MT8222A BTS Master.
  • Thorough Emphasis: Students will learn to perform typical Node B measurements including Line Sweeping, Over-the-Air and demodulated RF measurements, Interference Analysis, Spectrum Analyzer based measurements, and CDMA/EVDO measurements.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminate or significantly reduce your travel expenses because training sessions are offered at a location near you (or even at your location).
  • Schedule: Training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get specific details regarding class locations, information on discounts, or having a dedicated training session at your company site by contacting us. Or, register for a class online.
Additional information


  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum registration of 5 students is not met two weeks prior to the class dates.
  • Credit card orders are authorized but not charged until the class is confirmed.
  • Online orders can only be processed if the billing address is in the United States.


  • Once a class is confirmed, any student wishing to cancel must provide written notice to us-training(ATMARK) at least 14 days prior to the class date or be subject to a cancellation fee up to 100% of the registration price.
5/25/2022 - 5/25/2022


WEST COVINA, CA: Hosted by Anritsu @ 3223 E Garvey Ave N, West Covina, CA 91791

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6/1/2022 - 6/1/2022


ATLANTA, GA Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD

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