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Line Sweep Interpretation eLearning Course

This eLearning course is offered at no charge.
This on-line course provides training on how to interpret Line Sweep data and how to use Handheld Software Tools and Master Software Tools.  It includes instruction on important technical terms, how a Line Sweep measurement is made, what reflections look like and how to determine if they are in spec or not.  In many situations, people responsible for interpreting these measurements may not have a technical background.  The training material is presented so that students without a technical background can gain an understanding of the concepts and of how to properly interpret the measurements that may be submitted to them by field personnel.   This eLearning course is also appropriate for people with a technical background who want to gain a better understanding of interpreting line sweep traces.  THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION COURSE.
Online quizzes and a demo of Handheld Software Tools and Master Software Tools are included.  The course is narrated in English.

Anritsu’s Online courses allow you to complete the course at your own pace (see restrictions below). 
Price: No Charge.
Created For
  • Administrative Assistants whose duties include line sweep interpretation
  • Tower Companies
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Field Technicians
  • Installers
  • Site Managers
  • Learn how to properly interpret line sweep measurements
  • Gain an appreciation of some key RF concepts
  • Learn how to use Handheld Software Tools
  • Learn how to use Master Software Tools
Sample screen shots from course:



Course Agenda
  • Key Terms
  • RF Basics
  • How to read a Trace
  • Use of Marker and Limit Lines in HHST
  • 4 Steps to evaluate a trace
  • Evaluating Traces
  • The importance of the frequency range
  • Cable Loss
  • Trace Interpretation Practice Labs
  • Frequency Return Loss vs. DTF
  • More Trace Interpretation Practice Labs
  • Common interpretation errors
  • Demo of  HHST (Handheld Software Tools)
  • Setting Limit Lines and Markers in HHST
  • Changing Graph Titles in HHST
  • Changing Scales
  • Converting from Return Loss to DTF plot types
  • HHST Measurement Calculator
  • HHST Default Settings when downloading traces
  • Printing with HHST
  • Exporting plots from HHST
  • Master Software Tools demo
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Line Sweep Interpretation eLearning

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