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VectorStar MS464xB Online Help System

Use Anritsu's Online Help System to learn more about the operation, programming and use of the MS4640B Series VectorStar Vector Network Analyzers.

Online Help System htm 187.0 KB Version: R 3/21/2018

Signalling Tester MD8475A

Multiple functional tests of UEs become complicated day by day. MD8475A helps users to construct the test environment flexibly and easily by its scenario-less GUI SmartStudio.

Product Introduction pdf 3.1 MB 3/20/2018

USB Power Sensors and PowerXpert User Guide

This manual provides general information, as well as installation and operating information for the Anritsu MA24100A series, MA24200A series, and MA24300A series USB Power Sensors and the Anritsu PowerXpert software application.

User Guide pdf 13.3 MB Version: N 3/20/2018

Power Master MA24507A and MA24510A Technical Data Sheet

Power Master is the world's first frequency selectable mmWave power analyzer. It is an ultraportable USB-powered instrument that measures the RF power of signals up to 70 GHz and as low as –90 dBm. Unlike spectrum analyzers that are bulky, expensive, and complex or power meters that are not frequency dependent and have limited dynamic range, Power Master enables simple, numeric, frequency-based amplitude measurements of up to six signals from 9 kHz to 70 GHz in a package slightly larger than a cell phone and at an extremely affordable price.

Datasheet pdf 1.7 MB Version: D 3/20/2018

Spectrum Master MS2760A Technical Data Sheet

The MS2760A is truly pocket sized, but big on performance with class-leading dynamic range, sweep speed, and amplitude accuracy. Its ultraportable size enables direct connect to almost any DUT, eliminating the need for lossy, expensive cables or antennas. The MS2760A is the world's first handheld millimeter-wave spectrum analyzer to provide continuous coverage from 9 kHz up to 110 GHz, positioning it perfectly for growing millimeter-wave applications like 5G, 802.11ad, satellite communications, automotive radar, and more.

Datasheet pdf 1.9 MB Version: J 3/20/2018

USB Extender Technical Data Sheet

The USB Extenders extends the usable reach of USB peripherals, including USB power sensors and accessory dongles, for up to 100 meters over CAT 6A/7 Ethernet or up to 200 m over multimode fiber. The extenders are plug & play for all Anritsu instruments, with no drivers required.

Datasheet pdf 765.6 KB Version: A 3/20/2018

ACE-RNX Release 4.0 Summary

Product and function introduction of Release 4.0. Following capabilities has been added.
• 4x ACE RNX expanded testbed capacity
• 8x4 Uni/Bi Directional MIMO capability (8x8 Bi-Directional MIMO : Option)
• Phase Amplitude Balance Calibration for Beamforming
• 5G 3D Channel Modeling (Option)
• Channel Impulse Response (CIR) Playback

Product Introduction pdf 1.1 MB 3/16/2018

Measurement Software MX2690xxA series / MX2830xxA series / MX2850xxA series

This is the brochure for the measurement software supported by Signal Analyzer MS269xA, MS2850A, MS2840A and MS2830A.

Brochure pdf 6.1 MB 3/14/2018

Analog Wireless (FM/ΦM/AM) Test Solution Analog Measurement Software MX269018A

The Analog Measurement Software MX269018A is software for measuring the TRx performance of radio equipment using analog modulation (FM/ΦM/AM). The Signal Analyzer MS2830A supports all-in-one tests of key analog wireless TRx characteristics using the built-in optional analog signal generator and audio analyzer. The Signal Analyzer MS2840A supports tests of key analog wireless Tx characteristics.

Product Introduction pdf 2.5 MB 3/14/2018

Signal Analyzer MS2850A

This is the product brochure for Signal Analyzer MS2850A and the related products. (MS2850A and options, 5G/LTE/W-CDMA/GSM Measurement Software, etc.) MS2850A has the analysis bandwidth and excellent flatness performance needed for development and production of next-generation broadband communications systems such as 5G in an all-in-one middle-price-range spectrum analyzer/signal analyzer platform.

Brochure pdf 4.4 MB 3/14/2018

Signal Analyzer MS2850A

This Configuration Guide explains how to order the new MS2850A and MS2850A retrofit options and measurement software.

Configuration Guides pdf 773.1 KB 3/14/2018

Signal Analyzer MS2850A

This is the data sheet for Signal Analyzer MS2850A and the related products.

Datasheet pdf 1.7 MB 3/14/2018

MP1900A USB3.1 Test Solution

This guide explains the equipment connections and system setup of the USB 3.1 receiver test with the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A

Quick Start Guide pdf 3.8 MB 3/14/2018

RF and Microwave Material Measurements: Techniques and Applications White Paper

Continual demand to accurately measure dielectric and magnetic properties of materials is a common need and is apparent in our every day lives. There is a need to quantitatively characterize material properties at RF and microwave frequencies. Learn more about the use of vector network analyzers (VNAs) as a flexible and versatile tool to accurately and quantitatively characterize material properties and showcase the broad applicability of the VNA as a tool to accurately do this at high frequencies.

White Paper pdf 1.2 MB Version: A 3/14/2018

VNA Master MS202xC and MS203xC Quick Fact Sheet

Quick overview of the features, specifications, options, and accessories available in this 2 page flyer.

Brochure pdf 876.9 KB Version: E 3/13/2018

Spectrum Master MS2712E and MS2713E Quick Fact Sheet

This quick 2 page overview highlights the key specifications, accessories, and available options.

Brochure pdf 4.3 MB Version: D 3/13/2018

Site Master S331L Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page quick overview highlights the key specifications, standard accessories and recommended spare accessories.

Brochure pdf 849.3 KB Version: C 3/13/2018

Spectrum Master MS2720T Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page Quick Fact Sheet highlights the capabilities and functions, including key specifications, accessories and available options.

Brochure pdf 629.3 KB Version: D 3/13/2018

Site Master S820E Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page quick fact sheet highlights the options, cables and calibration kits, as well as the product overview, measurements and standard features.

Brochure pdf 1.0 MB Version: D 3/13/2018

VNA Master MS202xB and MS203xB Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page document highlights the key specifications, options and accessories.

Brochure pdf 764.2 KB Version: C 3/13/2018

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VectorStar Application Installation

This version of software (and any other software version 2.1.0 and later, including those of format V201x.x.x) requires installation of Bittware 8.33 on the VNA prior to installation of the VectorStar application. Installation of Bittware is only needed once and does not need to be reinstalled at every VectorStar application installation. Please refer to Appendix A in this document for details about Bittware versions and installation of this driver.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 106.7 KB Version: 2018.2.1 3/12/2018

MS4640B VectorStar Application (Software and DSP Firmware)

Unzip the downloaded file into a flash drive. Important: New software installation instructions are included. Please be sure to read the "VectorStar How To Install" document before installing.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 509.5 MB Version: 2018.2.1 3/12/2018

ShockLine VNA Software

Download the latest software for the ShockLine VNA family. This software works with the MS46121A/B, MS46122A/B, MS46322A/B, MS46522B and MS46524B Series ShockLine VNAs. Note: This installation may require your host to be re-booted to support updates to existing drivers. This installation will require the insertion of services and drivers to your host. Please turn off all Web and Host Virus Detection Applications before starting the installation. Upon completion of the installation turn on your virus Detection Applications to their previous state. For MS46122A using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10: Before installing the ShockLine software, please follow the procedure outlined in the manual driver.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 199.2 MB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Software Release Note for the ShockLine VNAs

Software release note for the MS46121B, MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B, and MS46524B ShockLine family of Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 94.8 KB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Release Note for IVI-C Driver

Release history for the IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 150.2 KB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

IVI-C Installation Files v2018.2.1

IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 69.2 MB Version: v2018.2.1 2/27/2018

Firmware Update for the Spectrum Master MS2720T

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your instrument. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 42.0 MB Version: 3.01 2/27/2018

Firmware Revision History for the MS2720T

Complete firmware release history for the MS2720T Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 242.2 KB Version: 3.01 2/27/2018

Software Update MT8852B Firmware version 5.00.009

MT8852B Firmware Version 5.00.009

MD5 : 4c2fc4ca68a88e916a5ce107c97f4d70

Drivers Software Downloads zip 4.4 MB Version: 5.00.009 2/22/2018

CombiTest MT8852B Plug-in Software Package v1.4 RC6

Plug-in Software Package v1.4 RC6 for Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B.

MD5 : 219d9acfb901e231d7bf5a83cb50d917

Drivers Software Downloads zip 2.3 MB Version: 1.4 RC6 2/22/2018

Network Master Pro/Flex Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1000A/MT1100A

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 584.7 KB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018


Software of MT1000A.
Use it when NOT using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

  • MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A OTDR Module
  • MU100021A OTDR Module
  • MU100022A OTDR Module
  • MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
  • MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator
The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : 8230877f027e6c3cb728ae53975df663

Drivers Software Downloads zip 446.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

Software for MT1000A with MU100011A

Software of MT1000A.
Use it when using the 100G Multirate Module MU100011A.
It supports operation with the following modules.

  • MU100011A 100G Multirate Module
  • MU100010A 10G Multirate Module
  • MU100020A OTDR Module
  • MU100021A OTDR Module
  • MU100022A OTDR Module
  • MU100040A/B CPRI RF Module
  • MU100090A High-Accuracy GPS Disciplined Oscillator
The file size is large, so download after checking your bandwidth.

MD5 : c2c4b301765d0bb30ec290e4234732e1

Drivers Software Downloads zip 716.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : 40d5ce00b996790e0dc9489f8a21dc31

Drivers Software Downloads zip 65.2 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

MT1000A OTDR Modules Quick Reference Guide

This is the quick reference guide of the MT1000A OTDR.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 2.5 MB Version: 4.0 2/22/2018


Firmware and documents for MU909014A/A1/B/B1/15B/B1 are contained in the zip file.

MD5 : b1b15c21ffcd684a931f8e646f408440

Drivers Software Downloads zip 18.7 MB Version: 2.33 2/22/2018


Firmware and documents for MU909014C/C6/15A6/C/C6 are contained in the zip file. This program falls under the regulation of EAR. The ENC license exception is applicable.

MD5 : d1e91ef93a9654f34d2ef01b1ef2d3b7

Drivers Software Downloads zip 18.9 MB Version: 2.33 2/22/2018

Release Note V9.03 (Illustration)

This is the illustrated version of MT1000A/MT1100A release note. Some contents of release note are explained with figure.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 17.9 MB Version: 9.03 2/22/2018

Software Update for the Spectrum Master MS2760A

This software update contains the latest upgrades for the Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 116.7 MB Version: 2018.2.1 2/14/2018

Software Revision History for the MS2760A

Complete software release history for the MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 279.0 KB Version: 2018.2.1 2/14/2018

By Product Category

Can I get a maintenance manual for the MS2721B.

Yes, the part number is 10580-00177 and it can be ordered from your local Service Center.

I keep getting a "No Hardware Found" error when trying to connect my MS46122A. How do I fix this?

The issue occurs when the user tries to connect the MS46122A with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, an error message may appear that suggests that there is no hardware connected to the controller PC.

For MS46122A using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, please follow this manual driver procedure before installing ShockLine software.

Can a spectrum analyzer be connected to a cable that has DC voltage?

Yes, just don't exceed the maximum voltage that is normally described on the spectrum analyzer port

What is the difference between an OSL calibration and FlexCal?

With the OSL calibration, you have to calibrate each time you change the frequency range. With the FlexCal, you can change the frequency range and you don't have to perform another calibration. FlexCal is great for troubleshooting purposes. The accuracy can be affected if your span is really narrow so for optimum accuracy, it is recommended to use the OSL calibration.

What is the Ext. Analog In on the rear panel connector in Lightning 37000D series VNA?

It is +/- 50 volt input for displaying external signals on the LCD, the connector is BNC female.

How do I calibrate my thru when my DUT has the same gender connector on the input and output?

Use the phase equal adapters provided in the calibration kit.  Refer to page 7-3 of your VNA operation manual for a detailed description on the use of phase equal adapters.

What is the difference between 54100A series and 56100A scalar network analyzers?

54100A series analyzers have a signal source built in the unit and 56100A requires an external source.

Can I use a 4-port test set extension with a "C" revision Lightning?

No, the 4-port test set extension requires option 15 which adds direct sampler access on the front panel. This option was not available for the "C" revision Lightnings.

What are the different sweep types that the Signal source of Lightning series VNA supports?

It supports Linear, CW, Marker, or N-Discrete point sweeps.

Can I connect a printer to my S312D Site Master that is not on the printer list?

Yes but there is no guarantee that it will work. Only those printers listed have been tested and are known to work properly with the Site Master.

What is the frequency and rise time with "N" type connector for Wideband power sensors?

N type connectors are rated to 18GHz. There are 2 sensors with N types, the MA2490A and MA2491A, 8 and 18GHz respectively. 18ns rise time.

How many data points does the MS2719B have and are they variable?

The MS2719B has 551 data points and they are not variable.  Variable data points are only useful in sample detection, so we have not added this capability.

What type of external trigger can be used in Lightning series VNA?

External TTL triggering for 37000D series VNA measurement. 10 K ohm input impedance, BNC female.

Can I use the 36584 4 port AutoCal module to calibrate my 37369D?

No, the 36584 AutoCal is only specified to 9 GHz and was designed to work with the Scorpion VNAs.

Can I use an Anritsu MA4701A sensor on a ML243xA series power meter.

Yes, the MA4701A can be used on the ML243xA power meters but since the pin configuration is different you will need an adapter which is part number MA2499B.

What is the System GPIB in the 37000D series Lightning VNA used for?

It is used to connect to an external controller for use in remote programming of the network analyzer. The address can be set from the front panel and can range from 1 to 30.

Does the MG3690B understand SCPI commands?

Yes, but only if the unit is configured with a special option installed, SM5821.