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Used Test Equipment

Anritsu offers used demonstration equipment with savings from 70%.
  • New product warranty and standard accessories are included.
  • Guaranteed to perform and backed with a minimum one-year warranty.
  • Used equipment includes popular models such as VNA Master, ACCESS Master and Signal Quality Analyzers.
  • Other models are available: Request a Price Quote or call 1-800-ANRITSU.
See below for a sample of the recently available demo test equipment in the following categories:

Transport and Datacom
Devices and Components Test
Mobile Wireless
RF & Microwave
Broadcast & Multimedia

Optical Test Equipment*

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Model Description
Network Master Pro MT1000A
MT1000A - Up to 55%
Network Master Pro
MT1100A - Up to 75%
Network Master Pro
MT9085A - Up to 27%
OTDR - ACCESS Master MT9085 Series
MT9090A - Up to 37%
Network Master MT9090A
MS9740A - Up to 28%
Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) MS9740A

Transport Datacom Test Equipment*

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  Model Description

MP2100B - Up to 27%

BERTWave™ MP2100B
MP2100A - Up to 34%
BERTwave MP2100A

Devices and Components Test Equipment*

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  Model Description

MS4644B - Up to 47%

MS4647B - Up to 25%

Vector Network Analyzer

10mHz to 40 GHz

10MHz to 70 GHz

Mobile Wireless Test Equipment*

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  Model Description
MD8430A - Up to 75%
Signaling Tester MD8430A
MD8475B - Up to 50%
Signaling Tester MD8475B
MS2830A - Up to 75%
Signal Analyzer MS2830A
MT8000A – up to 29%
Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A
MS2850A - Up to 42%
Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2850A
MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer
MT8821C - Up to 70%
Radio Communication Analyzers

MT8852B - Up to 42%

Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B
MT8862A - Up to 37%
Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN Tester) MT8862A

RF & Microwave Test Equipment*

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  Model Description

ML2487B - Up to 49%
Wideband Peak Power Meter ML2487B

MG3694C - Up to 40%
Signal Generator MG3694C

2 to 40 GHz

MG3697C - Up to 37%
RF/Microwave Signal Generator MG3697C

0.1 Hz to 70 GHz

MG3710A - Up to 75%

Vector Signal Generator MG3710A
MS46121B - Up to 30%
1-Port USB Vector Network Analyzer MS46121B
MS46122B - Up to 19%
Compact Vector Network Analyzer MS46122B
MS46322B - Up to 27%
Economy Vector Network Analyzer MS46322B
MS46522B Vector Network Analyzer with Monitor
MS46522B - Up to 31%
Economy Vector Network Analyzer MS46522B
MS46524B - Up to 17%
ShockLine™ 4-Port Performance VNA MS46524B

Broadcast & Multimedia Test Equipment*

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  Model Description
MS2038C - up to 21%
VNA Master + Spectrum Analyzer MS2038C

MS2711E - up to 28%
Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MS2711E

MS2713E - up to 23%
Spectrum Master Handheld Spectrum Analyzer MS2713E
MS27101A Interference Hunter

MS27101A – up to 45%
Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A
 MS27102A Remote Spectrum Monitor


MS27102A - Up to 60%

MS27103A - Up to 45%

Remote Spectrum Monitor

9 kHz to 6 GHz
MS2720T - Up to 17%
Spectrum Master

9 kHz to 9 GHz
MS2760A - Up to 47%
Spectrum Master MS2760A

MT8220T - Up to 34%
Master Series

BTS Master, 2-Port Cable/Antenna Analyzer (400 MHz – 6 GHz),
Spectrum Analyzer (150 kHz - 7.1 GHz), Power Meter (10 MHz - 7.1 GHz), GPS Receiver

S332E - Up to 30%
S362E - Up to 35%

Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Site Master,
2 MHz to 6 GHz Cable & Antenna Analyzer,
100 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

*Limited Quantities Available. Subject to Prior Sale.