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Site Master Line Sweep eLearning

This course is offered at no charge.

This on-line course provides training on the basics of line sweeping and operation of Site Master.    A virtual Site Master is featured online with an operational front panel with a working virtual display and keypad.  Narration (in English), closed captioning, virtual labs and quizzes are also available in the course.  This is an excellent way to prepare for the instructor-led Certified Line Sweep course or as an introduction to line sweeping.  The eLearning course takes 3 to 4 hours to complete.  THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION COURSE.
This course has won two awards: Distinguished Technical Communication award in the 2006/2007 STC Carolina Chapter Online Communication Competition and the Best of Show award.  The virtualization of the Site Master, cal components and cables is quite impressive and help make this a captivating learning experience.
Online courses allow you to complete the course at your own pace (see restrictions below).

Price: No Charge.

Created for
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Base Station OEMs
  • Tower Companies
  • Field Engineers
  • Installers
  • Site Managers
  • Anyone preparing to attend the instructor-led Site Master Certified Line Sweep course
  • Anyone unable to attend the instructor-led Site Master Certified Line Sweep course
  • Learn technical aspects of line sweeping
  • How to set up a line sweep
  • How cable length, cable type, and system components affect line sweep measurements
  • How to use Distance To Fault to get accurate and meaningful distance to fault results
  • How to identify, locate, document and resolve cable line transmission faults
Course Agenda
  • Introduction to Line Sweeping
  • Components and Performance
  • Line Sweeping Fundamentals
  • Site Master – Function
  • Site Master – Operation
  • Lab – Site Master Basics
  • Lab – Antenna Characterization
  • Lab – Troubleshooting and Verification
  • Basic Measurements Quiz
  • Trace Interpretation – Basic Measurement
  • Trace Interpretation – Identifying Problems
  • Trace Interpretation – Advanced Applications
  • Trace Interpretation – Quiz
  • Software Tools

Sample screen shot from course:

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Site Master Line Sweep eLearning (English)

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