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Portable PIM Master eLearning Course

With examples based on Anritsu's portable PIM Master MW82119A, this course offers a series of short, targeted videos that give you a working knowledge of what PIM is and why it’s becoming so important in RF world. The course will cover the scientific concepts that explain what PIM testing reveals, all the best practices that ensure your PIM measurements are accurate and valid, a comprehensive series of exercises and simulations to reinforce the videos and an ePamphlet detailing safety practices that protect you during PIM testing.

During this eLearning experience, you are ACTIVE and DOING something as you learn! You'll also benefit from the downloadable job aids, charts and user guides you can refer to after you leave the computer.

MOST importantly, you actually perform simulated PIM setups, calibration, connections, tests and distance to PIM measurements, including dynamic tap testing! Pass the final quiz with 70% or better and unlock your completion certificate.

Anritsu My Learning records all your progress and stores your certificates so you can have evidence of your training whenever you need it.


  • Online, self-paced learning
  • Learn what PIM is and what can cause it
  • Basic terms used in PIM measurements
  • Learn how to make PIM and Distance To PIM measurements
Course Agenda
  • What is PIM?
  • What causes PIM?
  • How is PIM testing done?
  • Calculating PIM
  • Hooking up equipment
  • Measurement Setup
  • File Management
  • Equipment checks
  • Making PIM measurements
  • Distance to PIM
  • Reporting units
Created For
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Base Station OEMs
  • Tower Companies
  • Field Engineers
  • Installers
  • Site Managers
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Portable PIM Master eLearning

Anritsu My Learning now saves all your work and certificates.


Please Contact Anritsu if you experience any difficulties accessing the course.