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ShockLine lab research and development


Universities need easy-to-use, economical measurement equipment to train future engineers. ShockLine Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) remove complexity to get students working quickly. By simply connecting the MS46121B, MS46131A, or MS46122B to a user PC and launching the ShockLine software, the VNA is ready for a student to use and learn about RF measurements.

ms46131a, ms46121b, ms46122b



1 port VNAs with frequency coverage to 43.5 GHz

Major cellular and communication bands up to 43.5 GHz are covered for measurements related to wireless networks communication standards like 5G and WLAN

Optional time domain with time gating

Students will have an opportunity to learn measurements in both time and frequency domains

Optional Scalar Transmission (MS46121B) or Vector Transmission (MS46131A) measurement capabilities

Excellent for engineering projects that need scalar or vector insertion loss measurements



World’s first series of compact USB 2-port VNAs to 43.5 GHz for cost-effective measurements

Explore the measurement challenges facing 5G communications at frequencies including 28-30 GHz and 38-40 GHz

Small 1u high package for efficient use of bench and rack space

With the size of a small laptop, the MS46122B can easily be place into university test benches or integrated into test systems

VNA is controlled by a user PC

Information and setups are not stored on the VNA. Custom measurement setups with automation or post-processing software can be configured from student to student on their own PC.

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