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ShockLine manufacturing


The ShockLine family of VNAs provides a range of solutions to meet the demands of any manufacturing floor. Offering solutions that meet a variety of size, performance, and cost requirements, these products provide fast sweep speed and wide frequency range – minimizing test times and maximizing throughput. ShockLine VNAs provide manufacturers with:

Optimized performance: With six series of models to choose from, ShockLine VNAs lower the cost-of-test without sacrificing performance, as compared to other VNAs on the market where generally more complex and higher priced VNAs must be selected for the same applications.

Durability: No keypads or touchscreens on the ShockLine VNAs increases durability by eliminating these fragile components that can cause maintenance issues.

Speed: ShockLine VNAs are optimized for excellent manufacturing throughput. Fast sweep speeds, remote control through modern USB or Ethernet interfaces, minimal overhead in SCPI, and driver programming interfaces all add up to give ShockLine VNAs fast measurement speeds and great throughput.

Size: All of the ShockLine VNAs come in small, robust chassis that enable manufacturers to optimize production space and lower their overall cost-of-test. Smaller instruments enable better use of production floor and test rack space, and allow for the VNA to be placed closer to the Device Under Test (DUT), which minimizes or eliminates costly cabling and other fixturing.

Ease of use: With common software, all the ShockLine models have the same graphical user interface (GUI) and remote control software. Transitioning from one model to another is very efficient, and allows manufacturers to keep higher performance models in the lab and more cost effective models on the production floor. The common software also enables faster development and deployment of test programs, speeding the time-to-market.

World-class customer support: with a 3-year warranty, all ShockLine models come with Anritsu's global support and service when needed.

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