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ShockLine lab research and development

Lab – Research and Development

The ShockLine family of VNAs provides a range of solutions to meet the demands of many lab, R&D and device verification applications. Offering solutions that meet a variety of size, performance, and cost requirements, these products provide flexibility in outfitting a lab for R&D use.

Optimized performance: With models covering frequencies up to 92 GHz, ShockLine VNAs can lower the cost-of-test without sacrificing performance in a lab environment. Using ShockLine VNAs for less demanding measurements in the lab can free up more complex and expensive VNAs for the most challenging measurements. This reduces the number high priced high end VNAs needed and reduces the overall cost of equipping a lab.

Durability: Lab environments can be harsh on equipment. No keypads or touchscreens on the ShockLine VNAs increases durability by eliminating these fragile components that can cause maintenance issues. In addition, lab users can easily outfit ShockLine VNAs with larger monitors or touchscreens at low cost making display visibility on the bench much easier.

Speed: Minimizing device verification time in the lab speeds time to market. ShockLine VNAs have fast sweep speeds, an intuitive graphical user interface, remote control through modern USB or Ethernet interfaces, minimal overhead in SCPI, and driver programming interfaces which enables lab users to reduce the time it takes to measure and verify devices on the bench.

Size: Lab space is always at a premium. All of the ShockLine VNAs come in small, compact chassis that enable lab users to fit more instruments in a tighter space. Smaller instruments enable more efficient and higher density use of bench space which enables better, more comprehensive testing in the lab. The smaller size also allows placement of ShockLine VNAs closer to the Device Under Test (DUT) which minimizes or eliminates costly cabling and other fixturing on the bench.

Ease of use: All the ShockLine models have the same intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and remote control software. Lab users can equip their labs with ShockLine models with different capabilities for specific tasks to optimize costs and still transition between models very efficiently because the look and feel of the control software is the same.

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