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Spectrum and Interference Analysis Training

OTDR Operation Training


This New one day course is an instructor led course focusing on the basics of Spectrum Analysis and Interference Analysis using new features relating to the Anritsu hand held Spectrum Analyser range of products.

Target Audience
Wireless Carriers, Base Station OEM’s, Tower Companies, Field Engineers, Installers, Site Managers.
What You Will Learn
  • Technical aspects of Spectrum Analysis
  • How to set up basic Spectrum Analysis measurements
  • How to perform Power measurements.
  • How to identify an Interfering signal.
  • How to locate an Interfering Signal.
Course Content Details

Lecture 1: Introduction to Spectrum Analysis

  • What is a Spectrum Analyser
  • Fundamentals of Spectrum Analysis

Lecture 2: Modulation

  • What is Modulation and why is it useful
  • Examples of Modulation

Lecture 3: Spectrum Analyser functions

  • Characteristics of a Spectrum Analyser
  • Basic set up and Functions

Lab 1: Basic Setup and Operation (Instructor-led)
Spectrum Analyser Functions and Operations

Lab 2: Modulation Measurements (Self-paced)

  • Basic Analogue Modulation Measurements
  • Digital Modulation Measurements

Lecture 4: Advanced functions

  • Using RBW to resolve close signal proximity
  • Trace functions
  • Limit Line functions
  • Power Measurements

Lab 3: Advanced Measurements

  • Advanced measurements using RBW, Trace and Limit Lines

Lecture 5: Interference Analysis

  • What is Interference?
  • Interference Identification
  • Monitoring Interference
  • Location Interference

Lab 4: Locating an Interfering Signal

  • Locating an interfering signal using Interference Analysis software(option 25)
  • Hands on: learn by doing the task and not by watching. (50% of the course is hands-on)
  • Critical Emphasis: fine tune points and techniques that are of particular importance to your operations. Our skilled instructors and staff can tailor the module to meet your requirements.
  • Cost saving: Eliminate or significantly reduce your travel expenses because training sessions are offered in a location close to you.
  • Schedule: Training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get more specific details regarding class location etc by contacting us directly on ‘+44 (0) 1582 433280’
Training Dates

Dates coming soon.