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OTDR Operation Training

OTDR Operation Training

The course for new owners who wish to familiarise themselves quickly with the basic instrument operation. The course will allow users to get up and running by putting their instrument to work in a short time. Specialized modules can be taken to match existing and future options on this highly configurable model. The course is an intense one day instructor led training course that focuses on getting the best from your instrument and having the means to document the results in an efficient manner.
  • Hands on: learn by doing the task and not by watching. (40% of the course is hands-on)
  • Critical Emphasis: fine tune points and techniques that are of particular importance to your operations. Our skilled instructors and staff can tailor the module to meet your requirements.
  • Cost saving: Eliminate or significantly reduce your travel expenses because training sessions are offered in a location close to you.
  • Schedule: Training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get more specific details regarding class location etc by contacting us directly on +44 (0) 1582 433280
Target Audience
Network installers, Field Engineers, Installers, Site Managers.
What You Will Learn
  • How to setup an instrument for testing to customers' needs.
  • How to analyse results and fault find.
  • How to document measurement results in reports for customers.
Course Content Details

Lecture 1: Basic Operation

  • Key operation
  • Menu Layout

Lecture 2: OTDR (Standard) Mode Operation

  • Connecting fibre
  • Setup measurement parameters
  • Measurements (includes practical measurements on test fibre)
    • Fibre length
    • Fibre loss
    • Splice loss
  • Events

    Lecture 3: Optical Power Meter & Light Source

    • Operation
    • Loss measurements
    • Visible Light Source (option required)
  • Lecture 4: Managing results

    • Saving & Recalling results
    • Viewing results externally (Traceview / Networks)
    • Interpreting traces
    • Printing reports

    Lab 1: Fibre measurements

    • Measure test fibre
    • Document result

    Lecture 5: Software maintenance

    • Upgrading software

    Lecture 6: Video Inspection Probe

    • Basic operation (included with OTDR operation)

    Course duration: 1 day

    Training Dates

    Dates coming soon