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Electronic Measuring Instruments Digest 2023

Anritsu Electronic Measuring Instruments Catalog of Condensed Version

Catalog pdf 2.4 MB Version: 2022 23/03/2023

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27201A Quick Fact Sheet

A quick overview of the 9 kHz to 9/20/43.5 GHz High-Performance Spectrum Monitor with Remote PC GUI. Includes key specifications, features, and available options. Common use cases are: spectrum clearing when new licenses are issued, shared spectrum monitoring for CBRS applications, satellite ground station downlink monitoring and critical infrastructure RF interference monitoring. P/N: 11410-02879

Brochure pdf 384.9 KB Version: A 05/10/2022

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27201A Product Brochure

The MS27201A remote spectrum monitors are designed to facilitate wide area spectrum monitoring up to 43.5 GHz. The MS27201A series remote spectrum monitors are our highest frequency spectrum monitors covering all standard LMR, cellular, satellite, and defense electronic bands. P/N: 11410-02861

Brochure pdf 2.7 MB Version: D 05/10/2022

MA25101A IQ Streaming PCIe Kit and MX280006A IQ Acquisition Tool Help

Help is a compilation of user documentation for easier viewing and navigation. P/N: 10450-00074 | OHS | version A | 05/10/2022

Online Help System html 184.9 KB Version: A 10/05/2022

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27201A - Help

Help is a compilation of user documentation for easier viewing and navigation. P/N: 10450-00073 | OHS | A | 01/27/2022

Online Help System html 185.0 KB Version: A 27/01/2022

MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitors Programming Manual

This manual provides SCPI programming information and a list of SCPI programming commands for the Anritsu MS27201A remote spectrum monitors.

Programming Manual pdf 1.8 MB Version: A 11/01/2022

MS2710xA Remote Spectrum Monitors Product Information, Compliance, and Safety

This guide provides important notices, warranty, safety, and regulatory compliance information for the Anritsu MS2710xA series remote spectrum monitors. P/N: 10100-00064

Datasheet pdf 1.3 MB Version: H 11/01/2022

MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitors User Guide

This manual covers the instrument overview, system functions, and other common features, along with a brief guide to basic measurement concepts and setups for the Anritsu MS27201A remote spectrum monitor.

User Guide pdf 18.1 MB Version: A 11/01/2022

MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitors Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for Anritsu remote spectrum monitor models MS27201A.

Maintenance Manual pdf 2.5 MB Version: A 11/01/2022

MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitors Technical Data Sheet

The Anritsu MS27201A remote spectrum monitors provide high-performance real-time monitoring of the radio spectrum up to 43.5 GHz. Designed to be stable over time under continuous operation, the MS27201A provides superior sweep speeds, high dynamic range, and low spurious levels for fast and accurate measurements. Applications include monitoring for interference, white space analysis, unlicensed transmission discovery, and signal coverage.

Datasheet pdf 2.6 MB Version: A 11/01/2022

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IQ Signal Master MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis software

The MX280005A software is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of post processing applications for all IQ files that have been captured on Anritsu MS2090A, MS27201A, and MS2710xA spectrum analyzers. Supported analysis includes IQ file playback and modulation quality measurements. In addition to analyzing the data, the file converter option enables IQ data captured on an Anritsu spectrum analyzer to be converted to the format required by an MG3710E, and then loaded into that VSG for playback.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 33.2 MB Version: V2023.1.1 24/01/2023

Release History for the IQ Signal Master MX280005A Software

Release history for the Vector Modulation Analysis Software MX280005A.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 483.8 KB Version: V2023.1.1 24/01/2023

IQ Acquisition Tool MX280006A

MX280006A IQ Acquisition Tool supports IQ streaming to a PC from Anritsu’s Field Master Pro and MS2720xA Remote Spectrum Monitors. The tool helps establish a connection from the PC to the instrument using the IP address. Users then setup an IQ stream via Ethernet or PCIe and the IQ Capture Tool facilitates the transfer into PC storage.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 19.3 MB Version: 2022.5.1 10/05/2022

Release History for the IQ Acquisition Tool MX280006A

Release history.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 260.1 KB Version: 2022.5.1 10/05/2022

Remote Spectrum Monitor Instrument Software

This firmware contains the latest updates and features for your instrument. Download the file to a USB storage device, plug the device into the instrument, and update the software from the system information page.

Drivers, Software Downloads raucb 315.5 MB Version: 2021.12.2 06/05/2022

Remote Spectrum Monitor PC Software

Remote user interface for the MS2720xA. Connect to any MS2720xA on the network by entering the IP address. Download and install on any PC using Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 131.9 MB Version: 2021.12.2 06/05/2022

Release History for the Remote Spectrum Monitor Software

Release history for the MS2720xA Remote Spectrum Monitor software.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 70.2 KB Version: 2021.12.2 06/05/2022

MS2720xA Remote Spectrum Monitor FOSS Disclosures and Licenses

Disclosures for use of free and open source software.

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 7.9 MB Version: 11-2021 16/12/2021

Ethernet Discovery Program

The UDP Discovery Tool is a Windows application that will display a sortable list of available Anritsu devices on a network. This tool provides the ability to find and filter devices by Hostname, Model number, Serial number, MAC address, Version number, or by IP Address. If needed, the tool also provides the ability to save the results of your search and to view a brief history of your searches for comparison.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 31.8 MB Version: 2019.04.1 30/04/2019

Release History for the Ethernet Discovery Program

Release History for the Ethernet Discovery Program which works with the Remote Spectrum Monitors, and the Field Master Pro.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 109.4 KB Version: 2019.04.1 30/04/2019
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