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Microwave Repeater Checker

This product has been discontinued
  • Maintains and adjusts microwave line repeaters
  • All parts and accessories are contained in the carrying case so the measurement procedure is less time-consuming
  • When removed from the carrying case, the power meter can be mounted independently in a specially designed case (optional accessory); It can run on either batteries or AC line power when used separately.

The Microwave Repeater Checker (MRC) is an integrated microwave measuring instrument packed in a handy carrying case. It consists of three devices most frequently used for the maintenance of microwave communications systems: a power meter (10 MHz to 14 GHz) and frequency counter (10 Hz to 18 GHz) are standard accessories, and a signal generator is sold separately. The signal generator can be changed according to the frequency band to be measured.

*We are changing the model name from MS75B into MS75B1 because production of connectors for the MS75B and MG724E/E1/G/G1 stopped from April 2010. When using a combination of old and new models, the old models will require on-site upgrade at the customer's facility because the connectors for the old and new models are incompatible.