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Mobile Communication Test System

This product has been discontinued

The ME7877A and ME7878A Mobile Communications Test Systems are automatic systems for testing the W-CDMA spurious emissions characteristics of W-CDMA mobile terminals. In addition, the ME7877A supports GSM spurious emissions measurements, and the ME7878A supports W-CDMA interference measurements.

These systems consist of various measuring instruments based around the MT8820A Radio Communication Analyzer and special test software. They can be used for executing the W-CDMA measurements specified in sections 5 (Transmitter Tests) and 6 (Receiver Tests) of the 3GPP TS34.121 specifications. The ME7877A additionally executes GSM measurements in the 3GPP TS51.010 specifications.

The ME7878A system configuration is:

  • MT8820A Radio Communication Analyzer for TRX measurement with call processing
  • MX787800A W-CDMA Measurement Software
  • MS8609A Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester for spurious measurements
  • MG3681A Digital Modulation Signal Generator and MG3692B RF/Microwave Signal Generator for the interference signal source
  • MN7476A RF Interface unit for signal filtering (internal configuration is changed according to the frequency band)
  • MN7486A Interference Measurement Unit for signal filtering (internal configuration is changed according to the frequency band)
  • MN7451A RF Switch Driver Unit for switching the MN7476A internal signal path

Fast measurements and simple operation make these systems ideal for R&D link tests and mobile terminal recognition tests, as well as for production line lot tests and QC inspection tests.
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