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43.5G BER Test Solution

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MP1800A

Characterization and BER Measurements on Electrical/Optical Devices and Modules at 40 Gb/s and Beyond ...

The Anritsu ME7750A is the low cost 43.5 Gb/s BER test solution, ideal for research, development and manufacturing testing of Gigabit light-wave and digital devices, components andsubsystems. The system generates and analyzes data streams from 25 Gb/s to 43.5 Gb/s. Also, the ME7750A BERT system can be used to test 40 G-bit transceivers, modulators, MUX/DEMUX, high-speed logic devices, optical module and forward error correction (FEC) rates beyond 40 Gb/s. These capabilities give the users the breadth of applications that thoroughly test and characterize their devices for a complete confidence in their product performance and quality.


The ME7750A BERT system consists of the existing popular MP1758A (4-Channel Pulse Pattern Generator), MP1801A (MUX), MP1802A (DEMUX), MP1776A (4-Channel Error Detector) and an external signal source. The transmitter side of the output signal is composed of a signal generator (Anritsu's 69B Series synthesizer) for generating the clock signal, a pulse pattern generator (MP1758A) for generating four channels of 10 Gb/s data patterns, and a 4:1 multiplexer (MP1801A) for multiplexing these signals into a 43.5 Gbit/s signal. The receiver side is composed of a 1:4 demultiplexer (MP1802A) for splitting the 43.5 Gbit/s signal into four channels, and an error detector (MP1776A) for measuring the error rate of the four channels. The phase of each channel is shifted ¼ cycle which enables multiplexed signal to a pure PRBS stream.


Optionally, the MX177601A SONET/SDH pattern editing software is available now to work with the ME7750A BERT system for testing SONET/SDH frames. Moreover, CID patterns can also be generated with this software for stress testing of the Clock Recovery Circuits used in the devices, modules and network equipment.


Anritsu 40G E/O and O/E converters can be used in combination with the ME7750A BERT system for accurately testing optical systems at 40 Gb/s data rates. Excellent data output waveform, low jitter, fast rise-time/fall-time makes it the powerful BER test solution for the verification and characterization of electrical/optical devices, modules and network systems while supporting FEC and non-FEC rates from 25 Gb/s to 43.5 Gb/s.


User flexibility is built into the ME7750A system to effectively utilize and optimize the use of all of its components. All instruments that make up this BERT system can also be used as a standalone or in different combinations as test require which allows protection of the capital investment in this tight economy.


  • Wide operation frequency from 25 Gb/s to 43.5 Gb/s covering standard FEC and non-FEC rates
  • 4-channel simultaneous parallel testing from 100 Mb/s to 12.5 Gb/s MP1776A
  • 4:1 MUX and 1:4 DEMUX testing with the MP1801A and the MP1802A
  • 40 Gb/s Optical system testing with Anritsu 40G O/E and E/O Converters
  • Independent level adjustment for each of the 4-channels of the PPG
  • Measurement with pure PRBS pattern
  • Programmable Pattern, PRBS and Inverted PRBS Pattern: 2n-1 (n = 7, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23, 31)
  • High quality data output waveform, low jitter and low distortion
  • Cross-Point Adjustment capability on the MP1758A (4-channel PPG)
  • Independent mode and Simultaneous BER testing/analysis up to 4-channel with the MP1776A
  • Testing of SONET/SDH frames up to OC-48c/STM-16c, CID Pattern with the MX177601A software
  • Excellent operability with Front Panel Keys, Easy-to-use, Intuitive