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W-CDMA (UMTS) Signaling Tester

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MD8480C

The MD8480B W-CDMA Signaling Tester has been designed for developing and testing Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) user equipment (UE) and application software. The MD8480B's air interface fully complies with the 3GPP recommendations.

The MD8480B has a full lineup of advanced test functions that include mobile station modulation and demodulation processing, protocol sequence tests (such as location registration, origination, termination), handover (option), and disconnection from mobile station/network. Various applications tests such as voice and packet communications, as well as communications between two mobile stations, are possible.

With the GSM frequency hopping option MX848001A-05, frequency hopping is implemented in the GSM communication channel in 4.62 ms frame cycles. The W-CDMA CSD function option MX848001A-06 adds CSD dedicated layers and enables testing of asynchronous and non-transparent modes at the rates of 14.4k, 28.8k, and 57.6kbps. The MX848055A Network Simulation Library Platform and the test cases (MX848055A-01 NSL Scenario Basic Pack and MX848055A-02 NSL Scenario Advanced Pack) enable interoperability verification between a W-CDMA 3G mobile UE and a 3G network.

MD8480B can be used as a stand-alone base station simulator, or used with the optional MX785201A Protocol Test System (PTS) software for protocol testing. The MX786201A W-CDMA Rapid Test Designer (RTD) is a revolutionary new tool that operates with the MD8480B to speed up the testing of W-CDMA devices significantly by greatly simplifying the way tests are created, executed, and analyzed.

Software Downloads  Existing customers can click here for access to software upgrades.

  • Modulation/demodulation tests for W-CDMA mobile phones
  • Configurable for up to 3 base stations for multi-station applications such as hand-over testing
  • Protocol sequence tests for W-CDMA mobile phones such as call setup and registration
  • Flexible settings for test parameters and protocol sequences, with ability to edit arbitrary protocol sequence scenarios
  • Protocol Trace function
  • Voice, circuit, and packet switched application testing such as AMR voice, IP, PPP, and ISDN BER and BLER W-CDMA receiver measurements