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Cable Mate

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : S331E

The Cable Mate is a precision hand held return loss/SWR and fault location measurement instrument. Built-in fault location and wattmeter capabilities are available if required, allowing users to configure Cable Mate to meet their specific need. It's lightweight, rugged design, and wide temperature range make it ideal for field applications. Cable Mate's frequency domain reflectometry technique allows it to find problems before they became catastrophic faults. Advanced features such as distance-to-fault windowing functions are incorporated in the Cable Mate design.

Cable Mate software tools is a free software program provided with every Cable Mate unit. It provides many useful features including a database for Cable Mate measurements, Smith chart display of S11, "drag-n-drop" overlay for measurement comparison, capability to download data to a PC, and distance-to-fault calculation from return loss or SWR plots. Advanced printing capabilities are provided by Cable Mate software tools including user definable plot scaling and a multiple plots per page option.

Cable Mate assures that coaxial lines have been installed properly. Subsequent use of Cable Mate allows maintenance technicians to find and verify problems quickly. The Bandwidth of in-house wiring can be verified from outside. Advanced techniques can identify the presence of unauthorized cable boxes.

Cable Mate is designed for field requirements. Its rugged construction survives rough field treatment. Battery power, light weight, small size, wide temperature, range, and simple user interface are exactly what cable television technicians, want today. Cable Mate is the best solution for coaxial line installation and maintenance.

  • Accurate return loss/SWR measurements
  • Built-in distance-to-fault (C752 model only)
  • Distance-to-fault windowing functions
  • Cable insertion loss test
  • Optional wattmeter
  • Synthesizer accurate to 75 ppm
  • 10 kHz resolution
  • Internal memory saves up to 40 traces, 2 calibrations and 9 setups
  • Direct printing via RS-232 serial ports
  • Remote operation via RS-232 serial port
  • Cable television
  • 75 Ohm coaxial systems