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Upgrade for Anritsu’s industry-leading Bluetooth tester adds support for the latest Bluetooth 4.2 specification’s longer data packets

Users can perform radio layer testing that complies with the newly introduced Bluetooth Core 4.2 specification, including its provision for Bluetooth Low Energy ‘Data Length Extension’


Luton, UK – 12th December 2014 – Anritsu today announced an upgrade to its MT8852B Bluetooth tester, providing support for the Data Length Extension introduced to Bluetooth Low Energy as part of the latest Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.2.

With the new Data Length Extension option, designers and manufacturers of Bluetooth® Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices can use the MT8852B to conduct radio layer tests that comply fully with the newly adopted Bluetooth 4.2 standard. The extension of the data packet length in Bluetooth Low Energy from 37 octets to 255 octets increases the effective throughput of the system by reducing overhead and improving efficiency when transmitting data.

The new measurement option in the MT8852B supporting the extended packet structure adds to the six Bluetooth Low Energy test cases already supported by the tester. The new test cases can be run as part of a test script to simplify the creation of test programs and to reduce test times.

For instance, engineers can use the MT8852B to complete a test script implementing Bluetooth Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy measurements in less than 15 seconds by pressing a single key or sending a single remote command, greatly simplifying production test programs.

Bluetooth Low Energy measurements are performed directly on the MT8852B, which controls the device-under-test using the Direct Test Mode (DTM) over USB and RS232 HCI, 2-wire or USB-to-serial-adaptor control interfaces.

For development applications, the MT8852B BLE Data Length Extension option is supplied with a PC application which displays reference test packets in a graphical format, as well as providing a clear pass/fail status for all supported measurements against the specified limits. This facilitates the identification of the causes of any device failure during the critical design and development stages.

MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set The MT8852B offers the most comprehensive testing facilities of any Bluetooth test set. It is widely used by leading device developers and manufacturers for Bluetooth Basic Rate, EDR, Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth Low Energy measurements.

It also has the unique ability to test the Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) feature of Bluetooth, which facilitates co-existence with 2.4GHz 802.11 WLAN products. Support software includes Anritsu’s BlueSuite Pro3 and BLE Measurement Software PC applications for viewing Bluetooth packet waveforms, and CombiTest for automating high volume production test.

The MT8852B BLE Data Length Extension option will be available from 16. February 2015.

Bluetooth Smart is ideal for applications that require operation for long periods from a single button cell battery. Typical applications include sports and fitness devices such as heart rate monitors, as well as medical products such as blood glucose meters and industrial sensors.

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