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Wireless Test Suite Expands Mobile Phone and Terminal Testing Capability of MD8470A Signalling Tester

Single-Instrument Solution Now Supports Handover, Roaming, and Battery Life Tests at Early Stages of Mobile Phone Development


Anritsu Company introduces a Wireless Test Suite for its MD8470A Signalling Tester that strengthens the instrument's base station simulator functions to provide manufacturers of mobile phones, terminals, and chip sets, as well as operators, with a single-instrument solution for comprehensive analysis. With the test suite, the MD8470A now supports handover, roaming, and batter life tests, allowing thorough testing from the early stage of product development, significantly lowering the cost of test by reducing the need for field tests using a live network.

The Wireless Test Suite is a package of tools for measuring mobile phone performance using the MD8470A. Perfect complements to the exiting testing capabilities of the MD8470A, which include browser/contents download, video calling, and end-to-end User Equipment (UE) communications, the new measurements tools include:

Multi-cell Network Simulator. This software has an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) for setting the network parameters of GSM/GPRS/EGPRS and W-CDMA/HSPA cells. The two-cell network environment supports handover tests while calling. It can also conduct roaming tests when moving between different national carriers to assure high connection reliability and stability.

Energy Management Test Simulator. Users can easily set network parameters, such as periodic location area updates and number of neighbor cells, needed to measure mobile phone power consumption. Energy management test simulator evaluations, such as battery life at continuous standby and talk, can be performed using this software as well.

Parallel Phone Test Software for ETS. Special software that assures improved productivity by supporting simultaneous measurement of two mobile phones connected to one MD8470A tester.

MD8470A Signalling Tester The MD8470A is a base station simulator supporting the GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, W-CDMA/HSPA, CDMA2000 1X/1xEVDO, and TD-SCDMA mobile communication standards. It is used to configure an efficient environment for testing various applications of mobile phones, including voice, web browsing, multimedia services, and messaging. Since the user interface incorporates a built-in PC running the Windows OS, the need for external servers and a PC controller is eliminated, offering a personal, efficient, bench-top test environment for mobile phone applications.

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