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First MBMS Performance Test Solution for HSPA Mobile Terminals Introduced by Anritsu Company

ME7873F Performance Test System Only Instrument to Support GCF-Approved Interoperability Tests of MBMS Functions


Anritsu Company introduces Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service (MBMS) software for its ME7873F that makes the W-CDMA TRX/Performance Test System the first solution for testing MBMS on 3.5G HSPA mobile terminals. With the software installed in the ME7873F, mobile terminal operators and vendors can conduct GCF-approved RF/RRM tests of MBMS functions to ensure interoperability between HSPA mobile devices.

The new test capability further solidifies the ME7873F as the leading RF test system for HSPA. It has the most GCF/PTCRB Approved Test Cases on the market and has been developed to test TX, RX, and RRP performance based on 3GPP standards. Combining versatile measurement instruments and software into a tailored full-featured test platform, the ME7873F can conduct MBMS measurements with high accuracy and reliability.

Because all tests can be made with a single customized platform, there is no need to switch the connection setup in mid-test, improving efficiency and accuracy. Up to four mobile terminals can be tested continuously, and the power supply and serial control line can be switched automatically using a terminal switching unit. Test preparations for multiple units can be completed at one time, simplifying progress management after starting tests.

Designed for simple operation, the ME7873F can be controlled via a built-in PC measurement controller. This feature allows measurement progress to be remotely monitored over a networked PC, and measurement sequences to be selected and set. System software with built-in functions allows a DC power supply and temperature chamber to be controlled via standard functions, making current consumption measurement and temperatures tests easy to perform.

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