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Anritsu Enhances CMA5000 with Advanced OTN Test Solution

Accurate FEC Evaluation of OTN Networks Via Error Generation Compliant to O.182 Now Possible with Multi-Layer Network Test and Measurement Platform


Anritsu Company introduces an Optical Transport Network (OTN) solution that further extends the analysis capability of its CMA5000 Universal Transport Analysis (UTA) module. The new solution brings features for testing OTU-1 and OTU-2 networks to the CMA5000 UTA module, providing technicians and engineers with a powerful set of test functions needed for installing, commissioning, and troubleshooting today!|s OTN networks.

In addition to the legacy G.709 rates (10,709 Gbps and 2,666 Gbps), the UTA module now supports the new 11,049 Gbps and 11,096 Gbps rates. Both formats are identical to standard OTU-2 frame but with over clocking in order to adapt the payload of the OTN frame to the 10 GigE LAN-PHY line rate. One of the unique features of the CMA5000 OTN application is the special error insertion, which is compliant to O.182 for evaluation of the FEC (Forward Error Correction) performance of OTN networks. With the new option, the CMA5000 is the first field instrument that meets the specification and allows for a comparison between the results obtained and the theoretical FEC curve defined in G.709.

The new solution adds to the UTA module!|s existing 10 GigE and SONET/SDH capabilities. To ensure proper and efficient deployment of services, the UTA 10 GigE application measures critical parameters during network installation, including throughput, latency, burstability and frame loss (as detailed in RFC 2544). The UTA SONET/SDH application provides efficient, reliable testing of a multitude of parameters, including alarm and error analysis, APS with 125 •Ys resolution, round trip delay measurement with 100 ns resolution, network availability and performance evaluation.

CMA5000 The CMA5000 is designed to maximize network performance and accelerate the deployment of new services. It allows users to quickly and easily characterize critical network parameters and diagnose network impairments. Network performance and reliability can quickly be documented to accelerate the deployment of new services. As the leader in optical fiber and network characterization, the CMA5000 offers all the test applications required for comprehensive physical layer characterization, including OTDR, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, loss test set, and optical return loss.

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