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Anritsu Enhances CMA 3000 All-In-One Field Tester with SDH Testing Up To STM-16

Technicians have Easy-To-Use Single-Instrument Solution for Installing, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Mobile- and Fixed-Access Networks


Anritsu Company introduces a SDH STM-1/-4/-16 test option for its CMA 3000 field tester that allows technicians to conduct active tests with one transmitter and one receiver, as well as simultaneous bi-directional monitoring of SDH lines with two receivers up to STM-16 speeds. The new SDH option is a perfect complement to the CMA 3000's existing test capability and further solidifies the field tester as a single-instrument solution for conducting in- and out-of-service transmission-quality measurements on mobile- and fixed-access networks.

With the CMA 3000 equipped with the option, operators and equipment manufacturers can now quickly test and measure access network communication lines based on SDH transmission. It is compatible with existing options that support testing of Ethernet, VoIP, E3 and V-series interface lines, which together with powerful E1 test capabilities make the CMA 3000 a very versatile test solution.

The SDH option's bidirectional monitoring capability allows users to quickly verify that both sides of the SDH line are working properly at rates up to STM-16. For out-of-service installation and commissioning testing of SDH links, the CMA 3000 provides powerful statistical measurements that can be documented with professional reports.

All measurements are easy to make, due to the CMA 3000's intuitive user interface. A large high-contrast color LCD display and easy-to-understand graphical symbols make it easy to read and interpret measurements results. Through touch-screen operation, users can easily customize measurement setups and store them for particular applications.

About CMA 3000 The CMA 3000 is Anritsu's next-generation portable, compact and user-friendly field tester designed specifically for field technicians who install and maintain mobile- and fixed-access networks. It is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including fast first-aid troubleshooting to comprehensive, in-depth and all-layer analysis of transmission problems. Fault location is greatly facilitated by the high degree of portability of the robust CMA 3000.

Its modular design allows the CMA 3000 to be configured to test nearly every technology and interface. In addition to SDH, Ethernet, VoIP and E1/E3, the CMA 3000 can also be easily configured to test AM, Frame Relay and the Abis interface of GSM and GPRS networks, as well as GSM, GPRS/EDGE, SS7 and ISDN protocols.

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