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Understanding Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

17/09/2020, 11:00am PT

Real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) provides signal insight previously only available in high-end lab and benchtop solutions. RTSA allows gapless capture and display of rapidly changing and highly intermittent signals. The digital nature of RTSA also makes a variety of analysis and display technologies possible that traditionally required multiple hardware platforms.

This webinar will provide a basic understanding of what differentiates Real-time spectrum analyzers from traditional analyzers; give insight into how the digital FFT processing works; the drawbacks of digital FFT processing and how those are overcome in modern RTSA implementations; and provide an overview of how real-time high speed displays are created to provide insight into signals that change so fast it is beyond the capabilities of the human eye to observe.

Key Topics:

  • Comparison of traditional spectrum analyzer architectures to that of the RTSA
  • Provide an overview of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Discussion of FFT windowing, why it is necessary, and how it is used accurately represent signals
  • Presentation of the key RTSA specifications, how they are defined, and why they are important
  • Description of key display techniques that exploit the nature of the RTSA and make it possible for the human eye to capture fast changing signals


Roy Anderson – Field Application Engineer

Roy Anderson is a Field Applications Engineer at Anritsu Company, with over 30 years of experience in the test and measurement industry. He has focused on solutions to customer problems in interference hunting, PIM detection, wireless network measurements, and DAS. Roy has authored a number of webinars, training programs, videos, white papers, and application notes focused on radio frequency applications. Roy holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University at Long Beach.