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Anritsu Test and Measurement Web Expo – Spring 2021

09/04/2021 - 30/09/2021

The Anritsu Web Expo introduces the company’s newest communications technology developments and test solutions categorized into four market-growth themes, including required measurements at the 5G-expansion stage, automotive advances, and high-speed digital interfaces.

Anritsu Web Expo Test and Measurement 2021 Spring

Networks featuring high-speed and large capacity, ultra-low latency and simultaneous multiple connections are evolving continuously as we enter the 5G NR communications era. In addition to faster smartphone and tablet data connections, 5G NR also has applications in the industrial fields, including automobiles and disaster prevention. As a key infrastructure for implementing sustainable societies, 5G NR is expected to help solve a variety of issues, including reducing information gaps among people, preventing road accidents, and more. Anritsu's measurement solutions help ensure compatibility with international standards as well as communication quality at every stage, including the development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of smart devices, mobile and fixed networks, cloud data centers, and more for 5G NR communications.

5G NR Smart Device Spread Solutions Supporting the Automotive Evolution 5G NR Field Test Solution 400G/800G/PCIe High Speed Solution

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5G NR Smart Device Spread 5G NR Smart Device Deployment

More 5G NR terminals are entering various markets following the rollout of commercial 5G NR services. Companies aiming to reach these markets with competitive, high-quality products offering excellent reliability ahead of the competition need to perform a multitude of tests from the initial design to the product completion stage, to ensure efficient implementation of key functions. The two key points in the development of 5G NR devices are: 1. Support for new functions, such as standalone (SA) operation on all 5G networks, support for VoNR and FR2 (mmWave), conformance tests required at commercial launch in each country, carrier acceptance tests (CAT), and regulatory conformance tests, and 2. Ability to transition quickly to new test solutions required for market penetration.

Worldwide 5G NR RF Regulatory Certification Testing

RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR
RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR

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Design and development of 5G NR terminals certainly require compliance with the 3GPP standards, however, the product design and performance are also legally obliged to pass the regulatory certification tests of each country and region where the product will be marketed.

To obtain certification and go to market ahead of competition while responsibly managing budget and resources, businesses need an easy-to-use, stable test solution that also leverages current development resources.

Anritsu’s RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR is an easy-to-use test platform designed for 5G NR terminal RF regulatory certification tests. The supplied settings and scenarios for each test make it easy to confirm regulatory compliance. Since various other Anritsu measuring instruments for 5G NR can be shared into the ME7803NR platform, initial setup costs are minimized by making best use of customers’ previous equipment investment. Moreover, these instruments can share with other SAR/OTA/EMC test systems.

By listening to customers’ needs and wants, Anritsu is offering this new reliable and convenient, high-efficiency test system, which leverages the company’s long experience in development of mobile test solutions, including base-station simulators and conformance test systems, from the early 3G era until today’s 5G deployment.

Click here for details about conformance and carrier acceptance tests.

Click here for details about 5G NR device standalone (SA) mode, VoNR, and FR2 (mmWave) support.

Solutions Supporting the Automotive Evolution Solutions Supporting the Automotive Evolution

Various key technologies are being developed for the advancement of autonomous driving and the realization of a connected society. Cellular V2X (C-V2X), which uses a cellular network capable of high-speed, low latency communication, is one of them. It is critical to confirm that reliable communication can happen under various conditions through wireless verification and use case verification. Anritsu provides a solution that enables Mobility as a Service (MaaS) simulation on the desktop and allows intuitive operation to evaluate the C-V2X communication function of the in-vehicle device.

C-V2X PC5 Communication Evaluation Solution

LTE V2X PC5 Communication Software MX725000A
C-V2X PC5 Communication Evaluation Solution

Anritsu’s solution for evaluating C-V2X PC5 communications functions features an easy-to-understand GUI which eliminates the need to program test scenarios, helping cut equipment configuration costs.

C-V2X PC5 for implementing the connected car is a key element for self-driving vehicles and is defined by 3GPP Release 14. The PC5 interface handles data communications about dangerous road conditions and driving support while the low-latency and high-reliability C-V2X communications technology makes the connected car a reality.

The LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A works with the communications reference module, GNSS simulator, and V2X emulator software to evaluate the C-V2X PC5 communications functions, which are expected to become widespread in future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications. This software supports the typical use cases defined by national ITS standards.

5G NR Field Test Solution 5G NR Field Test Solution

In addition to leveraging the sub-6 GHz frequency band currently used by 4G LTE, 5G NR also sends and receives in higher frequency bands around 30 GHz, called the mmWave band. From the perspective of the radio wave environment, not only are 5G NR signals being added to already congested frequency bands. Network operators must commission and test these new 5G NR deployments using different methodologies all while ensuring that their existing 4G LTE network services remain uninterrupted.

The expansion of high-speed, large-capacity communications, such as 5G NR, demand for installation of Core, Metro and Access networks is increasing, as well as simultaneous development of devices for high-speed lines. Installing and maintaining end-to-end lines and increasing workloads will require more efficient measurement solutions.

For On-Site 5G NR IQ Data Analysis and EMF Power Testing

The handheld Field Master Pro MS2090A IQ capture and streaming option captures IQ data at frequencies up to 54 GHz. Providing real-time signal capture, users can get unrivaled insight into interference by capturing and analyzing interfering signal bursts that cannot be monitored with conventional swept-tuned spectrum analyzers. Additionally, new electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement enables the monitoring of electric field power levels, confirming that the total radiated power does not exceed government (FCC and ICNIRP limit) recommendations and the site is safe for both the public and installers.

Field Master Pro™ MS2090A
Field Master Pro™ MS2090A

All-in-One support from network equipment testing & evaluation to network I&M (MT1000A)

The portable MT1000A Network Master Pro tester supports various network interfaces, including Ethernet from 1.5M to 100G, OTN (OTU1 to OTU4), eCPRI/CPRI/OBSAI, FC, etc. Its wide application range includes PTP clock sync accuracy evaluation for Ethernet up to 25G, IP broadcast circuit quality evaluation, 4K/8K video streaming IP network evaluation, 5G/local 5G network evaluation (latency), GIGA-scale construction evaluation and more.

Network Master™ Pro MT1000A
Network Master Pro MT1000A

Video: MT1000A 5G Network Sync Field PTP Technical Overview

400G/800G/PCIe High Speed Test solution 400G/800G/PCIe® High Speed Solution

Data centers supporting next-generation, high-speed, large-capacity 5G mobile communications are progressing with introduction of equipment meeting the 400GbE communications standard, while also starting investigation of 800GbE and 1.6 TbE standards to facilitate even faster speeds. The PAM4 transmission method used by 400GbE expresses digital data using four voltage levels per unit time to transmit twice as much data compared to the earlier conventional NRZ*6 method. However, due to the narrower differences between the four voltage levels, the greater susceptibility to noise and transmission path losses makes error-free transmission more difficult than using the conventional NRZ method. As a result, error correction using FEC is applied to assure transmission quality. Consequently, evaluation of devices and transceivers supporting PAM4 not only requires jitter tolerance and sensitivity evaluations based on conventional bit error and error-free measurements, but also requires measurement of error correction capability using FEC.

Additionally, testing of fifth-generation (5G) communications network systems meeting enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC), and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) requirements is in progress. This paradigm shift is increasing the need for data centers, forming the foundation of this technological revolution, to process large data volumes at high speeds. In line with this need, while data centers are planning the introduction and compliance testing of PCIe 5.0 interfaces for their transmission equipment, servers, storage, and more by 2021, PCI-SIG® has already started planning and defining the future next-generation PCIe 6.0 standard using PAM4 32-Gbaud technology. Anritsu is offering this all-in-one test solution covering both future PCIe 6.0 evaluations and current PCIe 5.0 compliance tests to help speed its customers’ products time to market.

Support 400 GbE/800 GbE and PCIe 4.0-5.0.
All-in-One Support for Evaluating Next-Generation NRZ/PAM4 Network Interfaces and High-Speed Serial Buses

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A
Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A

53-Gbaud PAM4 BER Measurement for 400 GbE/800 GbE

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A is a plug-in modular multichannel BERT; the PAM4 BERT module supports bit error rate (BER) measurements of 400G high-speed interfaces as well as next-generation 800G.

With high-quality waveforms up to 64 Gbaud and high input sensitivity performance, it provides strong support for PAM4 device certification. Additionally, the all-in-one Jitter Addition, Clock Recovery, Equalizer, Emphasis, PAM4 Pattern Editing, Capture, SER functions, and more, make it easy to configure a PAM4 measurement system with high-reproducibility measurement results.

Video: Enhanced Testing With Effective FEC Functions

All-in-One Total Support Solution for Future PCIe 6.0 (PAM4) and PCIe 1.0-5.0

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series SI BERT module supports automated Jitter Tolerance tests with a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) outputting high-quality multichannel NRZ signals over a wideband at 2.4 to 32.1 Gbit/s, a pattern generator, a high-input-sensitivity Error Detector (ED), a jitter generator. In addition to all-in-one support for PCIe 1.0 to 5.0 Compliance Tests, the MP1900A also supports leading-edge next-generation PCIe 6.0 (PAM4 32 Gbaud) evaluation.

Video: Anritsu MP1900A PCIe Electrical Test Overview

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