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SBO Terms & Conditions - Demo


  1. No transfer of title is implied or given by the loan, and Anritsu EMEA Ltd retains full title on the demonstration goods provided.
  2. The customer is fully responsible for the equipment whilst in their possession, including any damage or faults caused by carelessness, misuse, neglect or accident. The customer agrees to fully reimburse Anritsu EMEA Ltd for the reasonable cost of any repairs that may be required as a consequence of any damage.
  3. Faults arising from random component failures within the equipment are the responsibility of Anritsu EMEA Ltd.
  4. Risk of any loss or damage, however caused, unless through section 3 above, is the responsibility of the customer whilst the equipment is in their care. The customer agrees as well to fully reimburse Anritsu EMEA Ltd for any loss or lost parts mentioned on the loan note.
  5. Any obvious external damage to the equipment likely to have been caused in transit should be notified to Anritsu EMEA Ltd within 24 hours of receipt. Packing materials and cases must be kept for any subsequent claim against the shipping carriers.
  6. Any faults, failures, or degradation related to the performance of the equipment should be notified to Anritsu EMEA Ltd within 48 hours of receipt, or after becoming aware of the problem during use. Additionally, any loss or missing of items mentioned on the loan note should be notified to Anritsu EMEA Ltd within 24 hours of receipt.
  7. Anritsu EMEA Ltd agrees to arrange and pay transport costs for delivery of the demonstration equipment to the customer site. Transport between sites owned or operated on by the customer, is the responsibility of the customer, and the equipment may only be transferred between sites with the knowledge and authorisation of Anritsu EMEA Ltd. Risk for equipment, when using the customers own transportation or carrier, remains with the customer until the items have been delivered and accepted either to an Anritsu facility, or to an authorised representative of Anritsu EMEA Ltd.
  8. The equipment, under no circumstances, is to leave the country it has been delivered to, or transferred to any other facility, company or location without the express written permission of Anritsu EMEA Ltd. 
  9. Equipment which is being shipped back to Anritsu EMEA Ltd should, where possible, be packed in the box that the unit was shipped out in. If this is not available, suitable packaging should be used to ensure adequate protection to the equipment whilst in transit. Any damage to the goods whilst in transit, due to the poor or inadequate packaging, is the responsibility of the customer.
  10. Anritsu EMEA Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the equipment from the customer at any time within the loan period, and will endeavour to give at least 24 hours notice. For any extension of the loan period, which has not been previously agreed, Anritsu EMEA Ltd reserves the right to apply a daily rental fee.