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a.surea.sure - A Peace of Mind Guarantee

A “peace of mind” guarantee covering your first three years of Anritsu product ownership. Anritsu’s a.sure assurance package is designed to give you peace of mind for your Anritsu product by ensuring the minimum possible downtime at incredibly good value “up front” to you, the customer.

What features does a.sure give you?

  • Three years warranty from Purchase on your Anritsu product (also five years coverage is available).
  • Priority web-based customer support (contract number supplied with your new equipment).

Taking advantage of a.sure’s Product Support Package at time of equipment purchase ensures that you get the best support for your new product at the lowest possible price.

You can rest easy that your product will have the highest possible availability and usage levels with true cost efficiency.

The a.sure Product Support Package is provided as a three years (or five) “return to base” warranty repair service, onsite support can be provided for an extra premium as required.

The following a.sure products are available:

  • a.sure basic – Three years extended warranty from purchase on your Anritsu product. (inc priority web-based customer support). Also five years coverage is available, please contact your sales representative for more information.
  • a.sure accidental damage – This extends the a.sure basic warranty product to cover repairs (if possible) caused by accidental (not deliberate) damage to the product for 3 years from purchase. (Limited to a maximum of 1 repair per year, no replacement if equipment is beyond repair)
    This includes, but is not restricted to:
    • Impact damage for example, caused through dropping the unit.
    • Incorrect operation (ie applying power to output port or too much power to an input port)
    • Scratching or marking the screen during operation with an incorrect stylus.
    • Corrupting the software through loading external non-Anritsu programmes etc

Calibration contracts - can be added to your a.sure package. These can be tailored to your requirements with varying levels of discount depending on the length of contract and the quantity of Anritsu equipment included.

The web-based customer support provides you with a priority response to your product questions such as equipment operation, applications and service.

The call back facility allows you to talk directly to an Anritsu specialist about your particular issue. Call back can be provided in English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish and Italian.

Anritsu’s a.sure service & support products can be ordered also after the delivery of the equipment (within 6 months from the delivery date) at no extra cost, don’t miss your “peace of mind” opportunity.

Contact your local Anritsu representative or directly address the EMEA Service Organization for requesting more information.