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Advanced Time Domain ADK Software

Advanced Signal Integrity Design Kits (or, ADK) is a collection of many signal integrity utility tools. It is designed to pre- and post-process signal integrity (SI) simulation and measurement data in an easy-to-use, mobile-apps-like package. It helps SI engineers identify and correct errors and correlate between simulation and measurement within a few mouse clicks. A system's design cycle time is greatly improved as a result. ADK software is required for the Advanced Time Domain (option 22). Option 22 is a licensed option available on MS4652xB VNAs. For purchase and installation information, please contact Anritsu.

File Details

File Name: AtaiTec_SI_Suite_2019.05.14.exe
File Size: 51.9 MB
File Type: Drivers, Software Downloads
Version: 2019.05.14
Release Date: 09/07/2019