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Remote Spectrum Monitor SpectraVision™ Software MX280010A

Remote Spectrum Monitor SpectraVision™ Software


Key Features of SpectraVision Software

  • Windows PC based software application suite
  • Establish 2-way communications with Anritsu remote spectrum monitors
  • Monitor frequencies continuously, set threshold alarms
  • Satellite Signal Analyzer  (option 471)
  • TETRA Signal Analyzer  (option 464)
  • Channel Scanner  (option 467)
  • Signal ID (option 472)
  • Signal ID Advanced (option 473)
  • Power Monitor (option 474)

SpectraVision Suite of Software Signal Analysis Tools and Options

SpectraVision is a suite of PC-based software tools used with the MS2710XA product line of spectrum monitors.  SpectraVision is a highly modular software system covering the entire frequency range of Anritsu’s remote spectrum monitors.  Various features incorporated into the software allow users to quickly perform automated analyses of the frequency spectrum, record measurements and generate optional reports detailing signal quality and performance characteristics.

SpectraVision is available on Anritsu’s website and can be downloaded free of charge.  Options must be purchased on Anritsu’ spectrum monitor hardware (MS2710XA) before the SpectraVision software can be used.  SpectraVision initially checks for the presence of the options on the hardware.  If SpectraVision options are enabled in the monitor firmware, the SpectraVision software will detect the presence of these options and function accordingly.

SpectraVision can be used to control Anritsu remote spectrum monitors, while also visualizing various measurements on a PC or tablet.  In addition to the base version, the SpectraVision software suite also includes various paid options for advanced signal measurements.

SpectraVision Software Overview

While options for SpectraVision must be purchased, SpectraVision provides a number of basic functions available free of charge.  Features for the basic version include methods for establishing a communications link to the remote spectrum monitor, enabling various controls and settings, marker functions and other basic services as shown in the bullet points below.
  • Control of various Spectrum Monitor parameters including frequency settings, RBW/VBW, attenuator control, preamp control and many others
  • Establish remote communications with the spectrum monitor, DNS setup
  • Set up Max Hold, Min Hold, various marker capabilities
  • Configurable Spectrogram and Spectrum Density plots with various chart controls
  • Threshold masks with both lower and upper limit capabilities
  • Automated alarm capabilities for threshold mask violations
  • Record/Replay capabilities to capture snapshots and measurements and view on screen
  • Zoom capabilities to easily focus on frequency bands of interest

Applications for SpectraVision Software include:

  • Satellite operators monitoring signal quality and detecting interference
  • Monitoring frequency channels for utilization; maximum and minimum power levels
  • Checking frequency band occupancy rates
  • TETRA operators monitoring signal quality on their frequency channels
  • Signal identification

SpectraVision Software Optional Features

To enable users to perform various signal quality measurements and identification, SpectraVision software provides the following optional features on the Anritsu family of Remote Spectrum Monitors.

Option Description Option Ordering Number
Option 464

 TETRA Signal Analyzer

Option 467   Channel Scanner MS27100A-0467
Option 471   Satellite Signal Analyzer MS27100A-0471
Option 472   Signal ID MS27100A-0472
Option 473   Signal ID Advanced MS27100A-0473
Option 474   Power Monitor MS27100A-0474
System Requirements

SpectraVision Software System Requirements

SpectraVision is a PC software application used with the Windows® operating system.  Minimal requirements for the PC and operating environment include the following:


  • 100 MB free hard disk space
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM or higher recommended)
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution or larger

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows® operating system (Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10)
  • Microsoft®  .NET Framework Version 4.5 or higher

SpectraVision is a Microsoft .NET Framework based application.  The .NET framework is generally pre-installed on a Microsoft Windows system.  If an older version has been installed, the Windows .NET Framework 4.5 or higher needs to be installed.  .NET Framework 4.5 can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Windows homepage.

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