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MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Master


Building on Anritsu’s patented ShockLine non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology, the MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer shatters the cost, size, and performance barriers associated with traditional large form factor instruments to more efficiently advance millimeter wave technology development.

It is truly pocket-sized, but big on performance with industry leading dynamic range, sweep speed, and amplitude accuracy. Its ultraportable size enables direct connect to almost any DUT, eliminating the need for lossy, expensive cables or antennas. The MS2760A is the world's first handheld millimeter-wave spectrum analyzer to provide continuous coverage from 9 kHz up to 110 GHz, positioning it perfectly for growing millimeter-wave applications like 5G, 802.11ad, satellite communications, automotive radar, and more.

The MS2760A is USB-powered and controlled from a Windows-based PC, laptop, or tablet, making it uniquely flexible for use in the lab, on the manufacturing floor, or in the field.

  • 5G, 무선 백홀, 802.11ad, 위성통신 등에 대한 mmWave 기능
  • 테스트 중인 기기에서 즉시 측정이 가능한 초간편 휴대형 폼팩터
  • 측정: 채널 출력, 인접 채널 출력, 점유된 대역폭
  • 특허받은 NLTL 기술로 > 100dB 동적 범위 제공
  • 110GHz까지 -127dBm DANL
  • 최대 6개의 추적, 3개의 추적 탐지기, 12개의 마커
  • 표준 보증기간 3년

These low noise amplifiers (LNAs) are specially designed to supplement the performance of the MS2760A ultraportable spectrum analyzer. With 28 dBi of gain, these LNAs will improve noise floor by 20-22 dBm in the frequency range from 18 to 42 GHz.

Model Number Description
2000-1929-R Frequency Range: 18 - 42 GHz
Gain: 28 dBi
Noise Figure: 4 dB
RF Connector: V(m) – V(f) output
Max RF input level: -5 dBm, (0 dBm damage level)
Specification temperature: +25°C
2000-1930-R Frequency Range: 18 - 42 GHz
Gain: 28 dBi
Noise Figure: 4 dB
RF Connector: K(m) – K(f) output
Max RF input level: -5 dBm, (0 dBm damage level)
Specification temperature: +25°C
2000-1933-R USB power bank (for use with the MS2760A Low Noise Amplifier accessory)


Model Number Description
1091-456-R Adapter, 49.9 to 67.0 GHz, WR15 to V(f)
1091-457-R Adapter, 39.3 to 59.7 GHz, WR19 to V(f)
1091-458-R Adapter, 33.0 to 50.1 GHz, WR22 to V(f)
1091-459-R Adapter, 26.4 to 40.1 GHz, WR28 to V(f)
1091-460-R Adapter, 17.6 to 26.7 GHz, WR42 to V(f)

Inline Adapters

Model Number Description
1091-402-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR15, 50 to 75 GHz
1091-401-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR12, 60 to 90 GHz
1091-400-R Inline Adapter, W1 (f) to WR10, 75 to 110 GHz
2000-1889-R Inline Adapter, K (f) to WR42, 17.6 to 26.7 GHz
2000-1890-R Inline Adapter, K (f) to WR28, 26.4 to 40.1 GHz
2000-1880-R Coaxial Adapter, V (f) to N (m), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω
2000-1881-R Coaxial Adapter, V (f) to N (f), DC to 18 GHz, 50 Ω

Cables and Extenders

Model Number Description
2000-1605-R BNC(m) - MCX(m) Cable, 1.5 meters
2000-1859-R USB 3.0 Type C to Type A Cable, 1m
2000-1888-R USB 3.0 Extender Cable, 10m
2000-1917-R 100m USB CAT 6A/7 extender
2000-1918-R 200m USB multimode fiber extender

Directional Horn Antennas

Model Number Description
2000-1867-R 17.6 to 26.7 GHz, WR42, 25 dBi gain
2000-1868-R 26.4 to 40.1 GHz, WR28, 25 dBi gain
2000-1869-R 33.0 to 50.1 GHz, WR22, 25 dBi gain
2000-1870-R 39.3 to 59.7 GHz, WR19, 25 dBi gain
2000-1871-R 49.9 to 75.8 GHz, WR15, 25 dBi gain
2000-1872-R 60.0 to 90.0 GHz, WR12, 25 dBi gain
2000-1873-R 75.0 to 110.0 GHz, WR10, 25 dBi gain
모델 MS2760A
주파수 범위

MS2760A-0032 9 kHz — 32 GHz

MS2760A-0044 9 kHz — 44 GHz

MS2760A-0050 9 kHz — 50 GHz

MS2760A-0070 9 kHz — 70 GHz

MS2760A-0090 9 kHz — 90 GHz

MS2760A-0110 9 kHz — 110 GHz

동적 범위 > 110GHz에서 103dB
위상 잡음

-110dBc/Hz @ 10kHz 오프셋, 1GHz

RF 커넥터 MS2760A-0032 K(m) 커넥터


MS2760A-0050 V(m) 커넥터


MS2760A-0090 W(m) 커넥터

진폭 정확도


주파수 정확도
정확도: ± 0.2ppm(25°C ± 25°C) + 노후화
노후화: ± 1.0ppm/년
모델 설명
MS2760A-0032 9kHz – 32GHz 스펙트럼 분석기
MS2760A-0044 9kHz – 44GHz 스펙트럼 분석기
MS2760A-0050 9kHz – 50GHz 스펙트럼 분석기
MS2760A-0070 9kHz – 70GHz 스펙트럼 분석기
MS2760A-0090 9kHz – 90GHz 스펙트럼 분석기
9kHz – 110GHz 스펙트럼 분석기

옵션 설명
MS2760A-0032에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0032에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)
MS2760A-0044에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0044에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)
MS2760A-0050에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0050에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)
MS2760A-0070에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0070에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)
MS2760A-0090에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0090에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)
MS2760A-0110에 대한 표준 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994)
MS2760A-0110에 대한 프리미엄 보정(ANSI Z540-1-1994 및 테스트 데이터)

VNA and Spectrum Analysis
Measurements up to 110 GHz
Simultaneously, combining VNA,
NLTL, Ultraportable SpA

Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer

Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer
RF measurement and analysis
Taking it to the Extreme

Ultraportable Spectrum Master - introducing common transmitter measurements

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Transmitter Measurements
Channel Power
Occupied Bandwidth
Adjacent Channel Power

Ultraportable Spectrum Master - introducing Display System Preset

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Control what’s displayed
System Settings

Ultraportable Spectrum Master - introducing frequency span, amplitude, and bandwidth

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Controls and Commands
Frequency / Span

Ultraportable Spectrum Master - introducing GUI Overview

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Overall Architecture

Ultraportable Spectrum Master – Markers and Peak search

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Marker Peak Search
Delta Marker
Fixed Marker
Define the Peaks

Ultraportable Spectrum Master – Save – Recall – Save on Event

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Overview
Save On Event

Ultraportable Spectrum Master – Spectrum Mode Limit Lines

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Limit Lines
Spectrum Mode
Upper and Lower
Pass / Fail

Ultraportable Spectrum Master – Sweep – Trace - Detector

MS2760A Spectrum Analyzer Trace Detector
Sweep function
Trace function
Detector function

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