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Handheld Code Loader

Handheld Code Loader


There are 3 methods to update your Handheld Firmware depending on which model you have. Some models are "Firmware Version Dependent", so be sure to check your Firmware version before attempting to update your Firmware.

Not sure what version you're running? Turn on your instrument (the splash screen will tell you). Or from the keyboard; press the Shift + System Key [8], then press the Status option from the Sub Menu keys. The "Package Version" will display your current version of Firmware.

To determine if your model is in this category, check the following product family links below:

Cable Mate | Cell Master | Site Master | Spectrum Master | UMTS Master

Many older Anritsu handhelds are still in use today. This is a testimony to the rugged nature of the instrument. These instruments require the use of Handheld Code Loader to update their firmware.
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