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IMS 2015

Innovation and Expertise: Anritsu RF & Microwave Test Solutions

This year, Anritsu will be demonstrating its latest, cutting-edge RF and microwave test and measurement solutions at IMS booth #2438:

  • VNA IMD Measurements
  • Modulated Amplifier Compression Measurements
  • 4-Port 70 kHz – 110 GHz Device Characterization
  • 5G Modulated VNA Measurements
  • THz VectorStar™ VNA Measurements
  • Economical VNA Solutions to 40 GHz
  • Components – Thin Film Device Fabrication
  • Simultaneous FWD & REV Sweep VNAs
  • VNAs from the Lab to the Field

IMS 2015

VectorStar™ Vector Network Analyzers

VectorStar VNA


   VectorStar™ Broadband System, 70 kHz to 145 GHz

   Out-of-this-world Accuracy for Anritsu VectorStar Vector Network Analyzers


ShockLine™ Vector Network Analyzer



   ShockLine Family of Vector Network Analyzers

   ShockLine MS46322A 2-port Economy VNA

   ShockLine MS46524A 4-port Economy VNA


Signal Analyzer MS2830A



   Capture and Playback

   Fast, Stable Power Measurements on Modulated Signals

   How to Measure Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio (ACLR)


Microwave Site Master S820E




Signal Generator MG3710A



VNA Master MS2028C