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Anritsu Infivis Multi-Lane Checkweigher

Multi-Lane Checkweigher
This product has been discontinued

Multi-Lane Checkweigher


Compact, accurate and flexible

The next generation Multi-Lane Checkweigher comes in 150 models to accommodate nearly any line production application requiring high-speed precision weighing of small packaged products. With up to 12 independent lanes, Anritsu offers tremendous productivity in a space-efficient form factor.


Efficient, space-saving design

  • The space-saving design eases line integration.
  • The center pitch of the conveyor can be set to as little as 50 mm.
  • No extra spreading conveyors required as the checkweigher can receive packages at the same center pitch as that of a filling packaging machine. This ensures proper conveyance posture of the product.

Independent lanes

  • Each lane can be individually started and stopped.
  • Each lane can be individually configured for different products and weight ranges (optional) for maximum system flexibility.

Easily link to filler

  • The checkweigher controller can be installed near the filling packing machine, making it easy to adjust the filling process.
  • Data output supports common send/receive communication protocols.
  • Feedback to the filling packaging machine can be controlled individually for each lane to prevent overfilling and improving yield.

Weighing range
1.2 to 600 g
Scale interval
0.01 g
Maximum throughput 1
200 products/min per lane
Maximum accuracy (3s) 1
±0.010 g
15-inch color LCD
Operation method
Touch panel (Start, Stop, Home are direct push buttons)
Indication range
600.9 g
Preset memory
Maximum 50
2 (3 as an option)
Product size 2
10 to 40 mm
46 to 230 mm
5 to 60 mm
Belt speed
15 to 60 m/min
Power requirements
100 Vac to 120 Vac +10% –15% or 200 Vac to 240 Vac +10% –15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 550 VA, rush current 30 A (typ.)
(130 ms or less)
Air inlet (with exclusive-use rejector)
0.4 to 0.9 MPa, 0.2ℓ [A.N.R.] (Maximum capacity per rejection operation per lane)
200 kg
Environmental conditions
0°C to 40°C (variation not to exceed 5°C/h to maintain accuracy), relative humidity 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class
IP30 compliance
Stainless steel (SUS304)
Data output
USB port (USB2.0), Ethernet interface (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX)
1: The speed and accuracy vary according to the products to be weighed, the rejector and setting conditions.
2: Consult us about semi-transparent and transparent products.
Note: The rejector may be self-standing type.
Note: The noise level of the checkweighers does not exceed 70 dB(A).
Note: Weighing range, accuracy, and throughput other than above are available at your request.
Note: Contact our sales representative for more models other than 6 lanes (2 to 12 lanes).