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 ネットワークマスタ/オプテイカル チャネルアナライザ(OCA)モジュール MU909020A

Optical Channel Analyzer Module

This product has been discontinued
  • Dedicated tool for installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of CWDM networks
  • Fast and accurate overview of all CWDM channels and channel drifts over time
  • Fully compliant to the ITU-T G.695 and G.694.2 standards
  • Pre-stored or user-defined threshold values for easy Go/No Go testing
  • Power meter operation with measurement of the total incident power
  • Short boot-up and warm-up times plus long battery life, for rapid field characterization of CWDM networks
  • High resolution, widescreen color display that is easy to read indoors or out
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • Modular platform ensures maximum return on investment
  • Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability in the field
  • High performance without a high price

Cost-Effective, Small, Rugged and Easy-To-Use Test Equipment for Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of CWDM Access Networks
The new MU909020A/Optical channel Analyzer module is a field modular device designed to measure and monitor power and wavelength over the 18 CWDM channels. It is a cost-effective alternative to more complex OSA for the emerging CWDM market, providing fast and reliable measurements in every environment. The small, lightweight and rugged handheld design makes this the ideal tool for field technicians tasked with installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks.

Dedicated Tool for CWDM Applications
The MU909020A Optical Channel Analyzer is purpose built for testing CWDM channels in the field. It provides an overview of the power levels and wavelengths of all 18 CWDM channels at a glance. In addition, PASS/FAIL thresholds are stored for all parameters and configurations defined in ITU-T G.695 recommendation, allowing technicians to easily assess the network condition. It also enables long-term characterizations with several drift functions. With its software interface focused exclusively on the features needed, it is easy to use for any skill level, significantly decreasing training expenses.

Fast Measurement in the Field
The MU909020A is ready for measurement in about 15 seconds, so productive work can start immediately. With no moving parts, the MU909020A is faster than any OSA, providing quick troubleshooting of a CWDM network. Besides, measurement results can easily be added to test reports, thanks to the ability to save screen shots, to store data in the internal memory or on external USB memory devices, and to easily transfer files into a PC. With its lightweight design and user friendly dimensions, the Optical Channel Analyzer is perfect for the outside plant environment and can easily be managed with one hand.  Its high resolution, full color, 4.3 inch wide screen display is the perfect format for viewing results. It also provides excellent readability both indoors and outdoors. And since AC power is not always available where you need it, especially at fiber pedestals, the MT9090A typically provides 4 hours of testing on battery. The small, lightweight and rugged handheld design makes this the ideal tool for field technicians tasked with installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks.

Modular Design
The MT9090A features a modular design allowing modules to be easily changed in the field.  Users can interchange different Optical Channel Analyzer modules or perform other optical network testing such as verification of drop cable installation with the available MU909011A Fault Locator module.  Operation of all the modules is quite similar, so the user will immediately be familiar with their operation.

Specification Value
Number of channels All 18 CWDM channels, compliant to ITU-T G.694.2
Channel pass band +/- 6.5 nm, compliant to ITU-T G.695
Wavelength accuracy +/- 1nm
Power range per channel +10dBm to -40dBm
Power accuracy +/- 0.5dB *1
Maximum total safe power +20 dBm
Maximum channel safe power +13 dBm
Power repeatability +/- 0.2 dB
Channel imbalance (adjacent channels) 15 dB (typical) *2
Channel imbalance (non adjacent channels) 20 dB (typical)
Polarization Dependant Loss +/- 0.3 dB
Power supply 9 VDC, 100 to 240 VAC
Battery NiMH, Operating Time: 4 hours(typical) *3, Recharge Time: <3 hours *4
Environmental conditions Operation: 0° to +50°C *5, < 80%(non-condensing) *6, Storage: -20° to +60°C
Vibration: MIL-T-28800E Class 3, Dust and Drip proof: IP51
EMC EN61326

*1: for power level from +10 dBm to -35 dBm
*2: wavelengths spacing > 15 nm
*3: Backlight low
*4: 10° to +30°C, Power OFF
*5: Specifications are guaranteed from 10° to 40°C. Operation possible from 0°C to 50°C.
*6: 10° to +30°C (During Recharging battery, Power OFF)