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Network Master Series MT9090A Mainframe - Optical Channel Analyzer Module MU909020A

The MU909020A is ready for measurement in about 15 seconds, so productive work can start immediately. With no moving parts, the MU909020A is faster than any OSA, providing quick troubleshooting of a CWDM network.

Brochure pdf 2.6 MB 8/1/2019

OPTION-545VIP USB 200/400x Video Inspection Probe

Scratches and stains to optic fiber ferrule endfaces are often said to have a negative impact on transmission quality. The OPTION-545VIP can be connected to an MT908x Series ACCESS Master, MT9090A Network Master Series product and PC, to show the state of a ferrule endface. This function is effective for determining whether a ferrule endface is clean, and whether connector replacement is necessary due to connector scratches.

Product Introduction pdf 1.5 MB 3/24/2014

Network Master Series MT9090A Mainframe MU909020A Optical Channel Analyzer Operation Manual

Operation Manual for MU909020A.

Operations Manual pdf 1.9 MB Version: 5th 10/14/2013

Video Inspection Probe

This is discontinued product document.

Datasheet pdf 537.6 KB 3/18/2011

MU909020A Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide for MU909020A.

Operations Manual pdf 1.3 MB Version: Ed. 1 2/19/2008

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The following Firmware and documents for MU909020A are contained in the zip file (v1.11). MD5:d369eab54567622935a0cd428cfe51f1

Drivers Software Downloads zip 10.6 MB Version: 1.11 10/31/2016