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Radio Communication Analyzer

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MT8820C

The MT8820A covers the frequency range from 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz and is designed to perform Transmitter and Receiver tests on 3G W-CDMA UE terminals in accordance with 3GPP TS34.121 and GSM terminals for both R&D and manufacturing applications. With appropriate measurement software and hardware options installed, this single platform supports evaluation of all the main transmission/reception test items for W-CDMA terminals including HSDPA. Options also support EDGE/EGPRS and 1xEV-DO, as well measurements for two phones simultaneously.

3GPP call processing is also supported, allowing both functional tests and transceiver measurements to be made in a call processing state. In addition, the voice signal from the terminal can be echoed-back during conversation in order to perform a simple voice communications test. Audio codecs are also available for real-time communication with terminals.

Advanced DSP and parallel measurement technologies dramatically reduce wireless manufacturing and inspection test times. Furthermore, multiple measurements can be selected for batch measurement. A one-touch operation allows selected batch measurements to be executed repeatedly a designated number of times. Pass/fail evaluation of the main measurement items -- including transmission frequency, modulation accuracy, output power, adjacent channel power, occupied frequency bandwidth, and BER -- can be performed easily and quickly.

  • Frequency range 30 MHz to 2.7GHz
  • Advanced DSP and parallel measurement technologies for fast test time
  • 3GPP call processing including Registration; Origination, and Termination
  • 12 Transmitter measurements items including Modulation analysis; Adjacent channel power ratio and Peak code domain error according to 3GPP TS34.121
  • Bit Error rate (BER) and Block Error rate (BLER) receiver measurements using 3GPP loopback method
  • "One-touch" Batch measurement operating mode with Pass/Fail evaluation
  • Multi-system W-CDMA / GSM capability
  • 1xEV-DO support including external packet data communications measurement capability and IP data communications mode
  • EDGE/EGPRS measurement software supporting MCS1-MCS4 (GMSK modulation) and MCS5-MCS9 (8PSK modulation) coding
  • HSDPA call processing and RF transmission/reception measurements for mobile terminals with UE category 1 to 6, 11, and 12
  • Parallel phone measurement to increase measurement speed, reduce production costs, and save manufacturing space


W-CDMAW-CDMA Measurement SoftwareMX882000B
W-CDMA Call Processing SoftwareMX882050A
HSDPA Measurement SoftwareMX882200B-11
W-CDMA Ciphering SoftwareMX882071A
GSM/GPRSGSM Measurement SoftwareMX882001A
EGPRSEGPRS Measurement SoftwareMX882001A-11
cdma2000 1xcdma2000 Measurement SoftwareMX882002A
cdma2000 Wireless Application Test SoftwareMX882022A
cdma2000 1xEV-DO1xEV-DO Measurement SoftwareMX882003A
PDCPDC Measurement SoftwareMX882004A
PHSPHS Measurement SoftwareMX882005A