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Gigabit Ethernet Application Module CMA5000a GigE 2

Gigabit Ethernet Application Module

CMA5000a GigE 2
This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MT1000A , MT1100A
  • Intuitive Ease-Of-Use
  • Report Generation
    • All test results can easily be presented in custom pdf file reports with the touch of a button
    • Reports include graphical and tabular results which can then be handed over to the end customer to demonstrate compliance with the SLA
  • Channel Statistics Available
  • Automated RFC 2544 Testing

Quickly and Easily Identify the Root Cause of Network Impairments, Not Just the Symptoms
CMA5000a Multilayer Test Platform, the Gigabit Ethernet application accelerates the deployment of 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet services and decreases troubleshooting time and cost while increasing network uptime.

Building on the success of the widely deployed CMA5000a Gigabit Ethernet test application, the Anritsu CMA5000A Gigabit Ethernet module allows cost effective testing of today's complex converged Ethernet networks. The module is designed to meet today's test requirements with the ability to grow and solve tomorrows testing challenges.

Thanks to the new smaller light weight module design the CMA5000a allows for multiple modules in the small bay adapter. In addition this design also allows for extended battery life due to the low power draw of the module.

The CMA5000a Gigabit Ethernet application is a single slot module that can be used in any CMA5000a. The Gigabit Ethernet test module enables testing of 10/100/1000 Mbps optical and electrical Ethernet networks. The module provides 2 optical (SFP) and 2 electrical (RJ45) ports. The module is specifically designed to facilitate installation and maintenance of Ethernet networks. For installation, the module provides RFC2544 test functions including: Throughput, Latency and Frame Loss tests. For maintenance and troubleshooting the module provides complete, non-intrusive monitoring capabilities and presents comprehensive statistics to give insight into the network's health and status.

Network Monitoring and troubleshooting
The CMA5000a targeted application modes allow for quick and easy set up to ensure decreased downtime of the network under test. The auto-detect and auto negotiation capabilities takes the guess work out of connectivity and link status. User defined thresholds provide instant pass/fail notification of the network impairment. All test results can be displayed in both tabular and graphical forms which further expand the test results. In addition the pass through capabilities of the CMA5000a allow for non-intrusive network monitoring.

Installation and commissioning
In today's triple play networks proper installation testing and verification is essential to providing QoE to your customer. The industry standard RFC2544 is this method of ensuring proper network turn up and is required for deploying and commissioning high data rate networks. The CMA5000A provides accurate results of throughput, frame loss, burstablity and latency to ensure the SLA performances that are demanded by the end user. The CMA5000a not only performs these tests but automates the process through an Auto search function which decreases test time but still provides the accuracy that is needed. With the touch of a button all tests results can be generated into a comprehensive and professional report.


The Gigabit Ethernet application accelerates service deployment via:

  • Targeted applications that efficiently measure critical network parameters , including Throughput, Latency, Frame Loss, Connectivity, and Errored Frame Rate
  • Unsurpassed ease-of-use, allowing users to perform all relevant tests including RFC 2544 by loading automated, preconfigured settings or by defining all parameters individually
  • Professional, comprehensive reporting of all settings and test results in standard .pdf file format at the touch of a button

90% of a network's life is spent in service, so troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities are critical. The CMA5000a GigE 2 Application lets you decrease troubleshooting time and cost and increase network uptime through its ability to quickly identify the root cause of network impairments. Its unique Channel Statistics capability provides a multitude of important statistics for each IP Address, Ethernet Address, VLAN ID, and MPLS label in the network to pinpoint problematic devices. Auto-negotiation and auto-detection capabilities allow important network parameters such as connectivity, link activity utilization, valid frame transmission, and errored frames to be viewed immediately and automatically. Measurement results can be displayed in both a detailed tabular (statistical) and an intuitive graphical format. Thresholds may be set for all measurements to provide a quick, visual indication of pass/fail test status and the source of any failure.

The CMA5000a GigE 2 Application also facilitates the fast, efficient link certification of 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps Ethernet service. A Ping application quickly and easily verifies connectivity and configuration. A Traffic Generation application provides end-to-end testing by having one CMA5000A generate Ethernet traffic, up to full line rate, while a receiving network station or CMA5000a monitors the traffic at the far end of the link under test. The Monitor with Traffic Generation application can be used both to generate and to receive Ethernet traffic, so all traffic sent and received can be simultaneously viewed on one display.

The CMA5000a GigE 2 Application complies with the data communications industry's RFC 2544 Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices by performing Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency, and Back-to-Back Frame (burstabiltiy) tests. Its full line-rate traffic generation and shaping for 10/100/1000 BASE-T, 1000 BASE-SX, 1000 BASE-LX, and 1000 BASE-EX networks allows for accurate verification of Quality of Service.

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