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Network Master Flex MT1100A

Network Master Flex

This product has been discontinued Replacement Model(s) : MT1000A , MT1040A
  • All-in-one transport tester – supports testing from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps
    • OTN core and metro network research, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance
    • Carrier Class Ethernet equipment manufacturing, installation and troubleshooting
    • Mobile backhaul network installation and verification
    • Mobile fronthaul network installation and verification
    • Powerful Storage Area Networking (SAN) testing
    • Quick and easy testing of SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn networks
  • Up to 4 ports at all rates
  • Easy and intuitive GUI
  • WLAN*/Bluetooth*/LAN connectivity
  • PDF, CSV and XML report generation for documentation of test results
  • Remote operation (VNC), dedicated remote GUI software and remote control (scripting)
  • Compact, lightweight design for maximum field portability
  • Modular platform ensuring maximum return on investment

*: Available for certified countries and regions including USA, Canada, Japan and all EU countries.

Redefining Transport Testing

Today’s core and metro communications networks are implementing 100 GigE and OTN technologies rapidly to provide sufficient bandwidth supporting the explosive increase in mobile communications data. These high-bit-rate networks demand very high reliability due to the large data volumes and variety of client signals in use.

By selecting and installing up to two modules from a range of three module options, the all-in-one Network Master Flex MT1100A supports R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance tests of network and transport equipment operating at bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps.


All-in-one Transport Tester

With four 100 Gbps ports, the MT1100A supports R&D of the latest OTN 400 Gbps technologies using client signals, including Ethernet, CPRI/OBSAI, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn, and Fibre Channel.


100G  4 ports

Supports Up to 400 Gbps (100G x 4)

The MT1100A supports a maximum of four 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps ports, each of which can be used independently and simultaneously for network and network-equipment tests. Selecting one of the available CFP, CFP2, CFP4 (using CFP2/CFP4 adapter), QSFP28 (using CFP2/QSFP28 adapter), CXP and QSFP+ connectors for each port support insertion of the appropriate module for all-in-one development and manufacturing of various 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps WDM, switches and optical transceivers. Moreover, CAUI, XLAUI electrical signals can be input/output to/from the MT1100A, supporting development of high-speed optical modules using dedicated extenders.


OTN flex mapping

OTN Flexible Mapping

The OTN protocol with powerful Forward Error Correction (FEC) and flexible support for various mappings is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the latest data networks, requiring an OTN tester supporting flexible mappings to simulate realistic data transport for development, manufacturing and I&M.

With its out-of-box support for various OTN mappings ranging from OTU1 to OTU4, multi-stage mapping and ODUflex, plus OTN mapped Ethernet, CPRI and SDH/SONET client-signal tests, the MT1100A is the ideal test solution for simulating realistic data transport.


R&D for 400 Gbps Networks

The MT1100A can send and receive a variety of 100G x 4 client signals, offering strong support for R&D of 400 Gbps networks and transport equipment.


  • World-first portable transport tester supporting simultaneous installation of four independent 100 Gbps ports
  • CFP, CFP2, CFP4 (using CFP2/CFP4 adaptor), QSFP28 (using CFP2/ QSFP28 adaptor), QSFP28, CXP and QSFP+ interfaces
  • CAUI, XLAUI electrical interfaces using extenders
  • Each 100 Gbps port supports 40 GigE/100 GigE and OTU4/OTU3/OTU3e1/OTU3e2 interfaces
  • Detailed client-signal analysis using Ethernet frame capture
  • Generate and measure FEC signals for 100GBASE-SR4, and 100GBASE-ER4-lite
  • Support various OTN mappings including multi-stage mappings and ODUflex
  • FEC Performance tests using ITU-T O.182 recommended Poisson-distribution error insertion
  • Display test results for four ports on one screen

* Recommended modules: MU110013A x 2


Optical Connector Inspection

Optical connector inspection and reporting to ensure network quality. The MT1000A supports optical connector inspection via a USB-based probe. This ensures that optical connectors are free of damage and contaminants to ensure they will provide the system performance demanded by today’s high bandwidth applications.


  • Large, on screen image display for easy viewing
  • Color-coded and table summary of connector issues
  • Multiple tips for viewing patchcord and SFP/bulkhead connectors
  • One button PDF report generation
  • IEC 61300-3-35 based pass/fail analysis ensures all technicians are using the same criteria


Higher 100 Gbps Transport Equipment Manufacturing Efficiency

With all the functions needed for testing transport equipment, the 4-port, all-in-one MT1100A with automatic testing using SCPI commands is the ideal platform for maximizing equipment investment through higher test efficiency and lower cost per port.


  • Supports OTN, Etherent, CPRI/OBSAI, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn and Fibre Channel at bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps using combination of module
  • Support industry defined IEEE, IETF and ITU-T benchmark testing
  • CFP, CFP2, CFP4 (using CFP2/CFP4 adaptor), QSFP28 (using CFP2/ QSFP28 adaptor), QSFP28, CXP and QSFP+ interfaces
  • Optical transceiver’s MDIO analysis
  • CFP/CFP2’s VOD, Pre-emphasis, Rx equalizer adjustment
  • CAUI, XLAUI electrical interfaces using extenders
  • Color display of threshold settings and Pass/Fail evaluation results
  • Automatic repeat testing using VNC or SCPI remote commands (Ethernet, WLAN)
  • Multiple users can access each port at one MT1100A independently using dedicated GUI software
  • Event log

* Recommended modules: MU110013A x 2 (for four 40 Gbps/100 Gbps ports)


Quick Network Commissioning Tests

With its all-in-one support for transport tests, including OTN, SyncE (ITU-T G.826x), PTP (IEEE 1588 v2), ITU-T Y.1564, RFC6349, CPRI/OBSAI, etc., plus simultaneous multiple-line tests using two ports, the MT1100A helps cut costs by slashing test times.


  • All-in-one support for network commissioning transport tests up to 100 Gbps
  • Large, 12.1-inch touch-panel GUI with battery operation
  • Frame loopback using remote-controlled MT1100A as Ethernet reflector
  • One-way latency tests using operation at Master side at remote control Master/Slave setup
  • Built-in GPS supporting SyncE, IEEE1588 v2 and one-way latency time syncing tests
  • Support for mobile fronthaul deployment by CPRI/OBSAI testing
  • True network performance confirmation by TCP Throughput test based on RFC 6349 or iperf
  • Remote operation over VNC for operations-center support of on-site engineers (Ethernet, WLAN, GPIB)
  • Full control of MT1100A at remote site using dedicated GUI software featuring booting, control, file transferring and firmware updating of MT1100A
  • Halved measurement times using simultaneous 2-port, multi-line testing
  • Event log
  • Fiber endface inspection using VIP

* Recommended modules: MU110011A


Fast and Flexible Troubleshooting

With excellent built-in troubleshooting functions as well as dual ports for simultaneous two-way monitoring, the MT1100A locates problems quickly.


  • Dual ports supporting bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps for two-way monitoring and equipment insertion tests
  • Top talker, network attack and fast error-frame capture using IP Channel Statistics (up to 10 Gbps)
  • Ethernet frame capture and Wireshark analysis
  • Live line monitoring at through testing
  • True network performance confirmation by TCP Throughput test based on RFC 6349 or iperf
  • Battery operation for fast on-site troubleshooting anywhere
  • Long-term monitoring using remote operation over VNC
  • Full control of MT1100A at remote site using dedicated GUI software featuring booting, control, file transferring and firmware updating of MT1100A

* Recommended modules: MU110010A + MU110013A (two ports for 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps)

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