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TechTime Series: 4-Port Balanced Measurement System

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Watch and learn about 4-Port Balanced Measurement Systems



Anritsu's Techtime series offers complimentary,
self-paced educational webinars for viewing

The third lecture is entitled:
"4-Port Balanced Measurement System"

What will I learn?
This 29 minute presentation is divided into the following subjects:

  • Balanced measurements
  • Brief description of the measurement method and equipment
  • Calibration methods
  • Measurement results
  • Accuracy of the Mixed Mode S-parameters

Tell me more…
Measurements of "Normal" 2-port Balanced Circuits using a 4-port unbalanced VNA can be made with accuracy comparable to the true-mode differential measurements systems. The Normal 2-port Balanced Circuit is a circuit which satisfies the displayed characteristics.





Who should watch?
This presentation is intended for:

  • Microwave engineers
  • RF engineers
  • Digital engineers
  • Signal integrity engineers
  • Engineers interested in frequency and time domain S-parameters

What other subjects are available

Future lectures will be available periodically. Planned topics include:

  • The Basics of Digital Modulation - Part 1
  • The Basics of Digital Modulation - Part 2


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