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Techtime Series: Time Domain Analysis Using Vector Network Analyzers

3/1/2011, ,33 Minutes

Who should watch?
This presentation is intended for:

  • Microwave engineers
  • RF engineers
  • Digital engineers
  • Signal integrity engineers
  • Engineers interested in frequency and time domain S-parameters of components, sub-systems, communication and radar systems

What will I learn?
This presentation is divided into the following subjects:

  • Time Domain Theory
  • Time Domain Low Pass and Band Pass processing
  • The effects of windowing, Gating and Masking
  • The limitations of VNA time domain such as: aliasing, resolution, rise time and side lobe suppression

Tell me moreā€¦
The Fourier transform has been used in many technologies. In microwave measurements, it provides a method for transforming VNA frequency domain data, into the time domain display.

This lecture addresses the properties of the transform process and shows how the various processing options are used to obtain optimum results for a given application. This program does not address the algorithmic details of the FFT.